Gabriel’s Gift

Gabriel’s Gift

Gabriel is wealthy, powerful and respected. He’s even been chosen as the next high alpha, but all he wants is to find his soul mate before time runs out.
He doesn’t want to force his wolf to merge before the beast is ready. He doesn’t want to force his wolf’s mate to merge with the wrong woman. And he definitely doesn’t want to claim the wrong woman as his alpha mate, but he doesn’t have a choice. If he fails to merge and mate before his next birthday, he’ll be branded as an omega, castrated and cast out of shifter society.

Lilith is an omega, despised by all for failing to merge. She’s more dead than alive…weak, feverish, and slowly starving to death. All she wants is a chance to survive. She’s given that chance when another wolf—the right wolf—calls her out of Sanctuary mountain.

Attempting another merge, even if it’s a mutual merge, is an act of treason, but Lilith does it anyway. She has no way of knowing the animal she merges with is mated to Gabriel’s wolf, until the stubborn bitch runs straight to him and shifts, dumping Lilith—naked, dirty and bleeding—at his feet.

Best Selling Author introduces a ‘new adult’ paranormal romance.
River’s Recruit: Book 1 of The Sanctuary Series
River’s Remorse: Book 2 of The Sanctuary Series
River’s Revenge: Book 3 of The Sanctuary Series
Gabriel’s Gift: Book 4 of The Sanctuary Series

My Review
Gabriel’s Gift starts 5 years after River’s Revenge and features characters from past books but in this one we get to see Gabriel find his mate. I loved Gabriel in the first three books and am glad to get to see his HEA. I also enjoyed reading about some of the changes that were enacted in New Eden and learning a little bit more about the Omegas. This book has it all – romance and love, suspense and betrayal. Charlotte Abel know how to weave a story together that keeps you reading until the last page. Once I started Gabriel’s Gift I couldn’t put it down. While featuring character from past books, introducing new ones and mentioning some of the plot points from the previous books this one can be read as a stand-alone but to truly appreciate it you need to read the first three.

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