Raphael’s Fling

Raphael’s Fling

One secretive nerd. One irreverent playboy. One Christmas party that changes everything.
I’m Mia, and I dream about publishing a book on medieval Paris. Except… I’m better qualified for writing a manual on how to ruin your life in three easy steps.

My sister Eva carries a torch for the wrong man. Here’s the gist of my sermons to her: “Drooling over your hunky astronaut boss is a loser’s trek to Calamity with three stops along the way: Heartbreak, Job Loss, and Spinsterhood.”

The thing is, I’m in a terrible–you could even say impossible–position to lecture Eva.

I’m attracted to my own boss.

Raphael d’Arcy is funny, smart, and uber-rich. He’s also smoking hot. That alone should have scared me away, were I not such a dolt, my academic achievements notwithstanding.

But there’s more.

Raphael is France’s most notorious playboy who doesn’t do relationships. He does one-night stands. If sufficiently intrigued, he might do a fling. Which is the most I could ever hope to have with him–a short-lived fling.

So what, right? It’s not the end of the world.

But consider this: Getting my heart broken by Raphael d’Arcy is the least of my worries. Some very serious merde has been piling up in my life lately.

And it’s about to hit the fan.

RAPHAEL’S FLING is a standalone office romance perfect for fans of Lauren Blakely, Emma Chase, Staci Hart, Christina Lauren and Corinne Michaels.

GUARANTEED: a swoony bad-boy hero, sizzling scenes, belly laughs… and maybe a secret baby.

My Review:

Genre: Romance
Stand-alone: Yes
Part of a Series: Yes. Book 2 of the D’Arcy Brothers series. Raphael’s Fling focuses on Raphael and Mia. Sebastian and Diane show up briefly but their story is not an integral part of this story
POV: Mia’s
Steam level: Steamy in parts

At this point it’s safe to say that I’ve read all of Alix Nichols published book. It’s been wonderful to see her grow in her craft.  Raphael’s Fling is no exception.  Nichol’s storytelling is emotional, witty and fun to read.  She makes her characters come to life, makes you care about what happens to them.  I found myself smiling throughout with either the outright humor between the Mia and Raphael or her friends and the slower moments when you realize that Mia didn’t get a joke or reference. My only disappointment was that Nichols didn’t really address the  concepts behind “the calamity.” Partially this is due to what I do for a living but I can understand why she didn’t. I also like the way that Nichol’s wrapped up that storyline. I also loved the fact that there was an epilogue. Fans of Alix Nichol’s works know that she has previously struggled with this.  I look forward to reading the next book in this series and all of Nichol’s future works.

I received an Advanced Copy of this book for free from the author and am voluntarily giving an honest review.

Buy it here from Amazon.

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