Billionaire’s Scandal

Billionaire’s Scandal

scandalI received an Advanced Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. That being said it did need a lot of work and editing with typos, misspelled and misused words.

The Billionaire’s Scandal is the first book I’ve read from Willow Winters. I was surprised how much I thoroughly disliked this book since I’ve heard such good things about her Valetti Crime Family novels.

The good – the initial story was intriguing. The overall message of this book was positive – one that people need to remember about love and relationships.

The bad:.I couldn’t stand Emma. She was weepy and weak, only showing her backbone on a few occasions. So few it surprised both her and everyone around you. I’m sure she was supposed to be “submissive” but really she was just a doormat. Thomas, who’s supposed to be “alpha” came off as more of an asshole – getting mad at Emma whenever she questioned him or his past. Ignorance isn’t bliss – it’s just stupid.

First thing I did like the story – the story was the ONLY thing that kept me reading this book. The “surprise” reveal mid-book – not much of a surprise to anyone who has half a brain. However the story was resolved at 55%.. The next 35% was waa-waa, boohoo, i hate myself. I feel so guilty I don’t deserve love and happiness so I’m going to push everyone away. Waa I’m so lonely. Then at 90% I’ve made up my mind to ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING but then I’m question and second-guess myself for the next 4% and then oh let’s communicate to each other like a functional couple and then the end.

I found myself annoyed with Emma throughout the book – which just dragged one forever. It took me a week to read it (usually a book only lasts a few days) – mostly because I didn’t care. I didn’t care about the characters or their relationship. I didn’t care if they resolved their issues or self-destructed. I think maybe I would have been more invested in Thomas and Emma if we got a little bit more of their earlier relationship before the shit hit the fan and if the book alternated viewpoints. I don’t like giving bad reviews – authors work hard to create great stories but this one was a waste of my time and test of my patience.

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