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The Perfect Catch

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Love, steam, laughs, and a big castle in Burgundy.


This year is about righting an old wrong.

It’s also about proving my worth to Coach and helping my team win gold at the French Water Polo Championship.

With an unruly mutt for company and a part-time gig to pay rent, I’m one hundred percent focused on my objectives.

That is, until I catch an intruder poking around my kitchen.

Sophie Bander turns my world upside down.

My new landlord’s daughter isn’t just the hottest woman alive–she’s the stuff of dreams, the object of my deepest, wildest fantasies. But no matter. Nothing–not even Sophie–can make me abandon my goals.

Except… I want her to distraction.

And that’s the understatement of the century.


This year is about proving to Dad I can be a first-class realtor and a worthy associate.

That’s why I’m in Paris, learning the ropes at a large agency. When I’m done, I’ll go back to Key West, join the family business, and then marry the man of Dad’s dreams.

I don’t need to be attracted to the guy–I’m incapable of sexual attraction, anyway.

That is, until a hunk of a tenant mistakes me for a thief and presses me against the wall in his kitchen.

Noah Masson turns my life into a mess.

He makes me blush and laugh, and fantasize about him all the damn time. He awakens my body. And yet, not even dreamboat Noah can get me sidetracked from my goals.

Or can he?

THE PERFECT CATCH is a full-length standalone contemporary sports romance. Guaranteed HEA, no cliffhanger, intended for adult audiences.

My Review:
Genre: Romance – Sports
Stand Alone: Yes
Part of a Series: Yes Book 3 of the D’Arcy Brothers Series
POV: Noah and Sophie
Steam Level: Toasty at times

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed The Perfect Catch. It was a quick, fun read. I enjoyed getting to know Noah since he was a mystery in the first two books of this series. And through Noah their mom as well. It’s awesome to see all sides of the boy’s story of their parents’ divorce.

Sophie is great. She’s smart, independent, and funny. Nichols does an excellent job writing strong female leads that aren’t afraid to speak up for and defend themselves but are also vulnerable and loving.

Finally, as I’ve come to expect with Alix Nichols books she subtly and smartly tackles a broader topic. The issue in The Perfect Catch is one that more authors need to explore. Nichols does it so well. It didn’t sound preachy. It was just factual and move on. Great work Alix!

One small spoiler but non-spoiler since this is The D’Arcy Brothers series. I would have liked to seen a little more of their reconciliation. Maybe in a future book? Novella? Short story? Online extra? All three brothers have strong personalities so it would be fun to see this in action.

I received an advanced copy of this book from the author. Im voluntarily giving an honest review and am looking forward to Alix Nichols next book.

Click Here to buy The Perfect Catch from Amazon.  Currently it’s one $0.99 and has a bonus novel The Devil’s Own Chloe in it.  The Devil’s Own Chloe is a cross over between Alix Nichols La Boheme Series and a prequel to The Darcy Brothers Series.

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