Kicking Reality

Kicking Reality


Everyone thinks they know who I am. I’m that reality TV star that fell in love with co-star Wesley Rich. But reality wasn’t my life. It was the life I lived in front of the cameras.
A life designed to entertain millions of watchers each Monday night.

It only took one night to relive my past, and one night to forget my future. With someone who had been there all along.


Soccer is my life—it’s in my blood.
I train hard, I play hard, and I win. Nothing will break my focus.

I should have been able to avoid it, resist the temptation. But it’s there, playing every Monday night, an obsession I can’t seem to shake.

And I don’t know what was harder: hiding it from my best friend, or watching the woman I want live a life with someone else.

My Review:
Genre: Romance – Comedy, sports (soccer), Reality TV, Brother’s Best Friend
Stand-Alone: Yes
Part of a Series: No (At least I don’t think so)
POV: Emerson and Logan
Steam Level: Hot

Welcome to Reality TV. Land of scripted proposals that air quite a bit later than they occurred and nothing is as it seems. This book is hilarious! Emerson has a potty mouth, tells you what she thinks and takes no crap from anyone. I absolutely love main characters like that. Logan is competitive, strong-willed, and calls Emerson out on her crap. Since he’s best friends with her twin brother and they have alway hung out together it’s not in a mean way – he just knows her too well to fall for some of her shenanigans. Her for his too. The head-butting and slightly forbiddenness of their relationship tests their commitment. Throw in Emerson’s “fiance” and Logan’s man-whore ways and the sparks of jealousy make Emerson and Logan both combustible and flammable. The use of humor made me snort-laugh a few times throughout the book (that’s a good thing). And the Reality TV premise is a fun genre to play with since it’s “reality” but scripted and also airs at a later date that when filmed. Mix in social media and nothing is as it appears. Wesley, Emerson’s fiance, knows how manipulate social media and the people around him and Emerson has to play along for the sake of the network and rating. While fun this book definitely paints Reality TV in a negative light. If you’re looking for a laugh out loud romance with characters who are not afraid to speak their minds with a bit of a potty mouth this Kicking Reality is the book for you. I read this book in just a few hours and really enjoyed it. I’ll definitely be looking up more of Kat T. Masen’s books in the future.

I received an Advanced Copy of this book and am voluntarily giving an honest review.

My Favorite line:
“Vagina log ride for life!” – Ashley to Emerson

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