Football and books

Football and books

Football Season is Finally Here!

I have a not so secret, secret.  I’m a huge football fan! Have been since I was younger and it continues to grow every year.  My mom encouraged it, my husband tolerates it, and my dogs love the snuggles during the season.  I have been known to yell at the refs and players and cuss as well while watching.  I have certain teams I love, certain teams I despise. I have players I follow from team to team.  All this just to say that I’m so excited that football is back!  And I intend to watch it ALL DAY!

I also am taking this opportunity to recommend some of my favorite football books.  Two series immediately popped to mind. One is Jen Frederick’s Gridiron Series .  Currently there are three out (I’ve reviewed all three on this site) with a fourth one coming soon.  The other is Lucy Snow’s trio of football romances (also reviewed on this site).  These book are fun and sexy and I highly recommend them.  Also I know that Tabatha Kiss has a football romance but I haven’t read it (yet).

What are your favorite football books? I look forward to hearing your recommendations and discovering new (to me) authors.

And for fun and in honor of football season starting here are some free football romances on Amazon.  Click on the covers to find them on Amazon.  As of right now, all are free but remember to check the prices before you buy.  As far as I can tell all books are stand-alone stories.

















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