DNF: The Art of Hiding by Amanda Prowse

DNF: The Art of Hiding by Amanda Prowse

The Art of Hiding by Amanda Prowse

Genre: Women’s Fiction

The Premise:

Nina is a wealthy stay-at-home mom raising two boys.  When her husband dies she learns that her husband has been hiding their money trouble from her and that they are in fact bankrupt.  Nina must deal with her grief and anger while learning to be independent and take care of the boys.

How far I got:

Just under 5 chapters – 27%


The writing was great.  You could feel the devastation and heartbreak that Nina and the boys experience with the loss of her husband and their dad.

Why I stopped reading:

I could not stand Nina.  Nina was a ball of self-doubt and lack of confidence.  While this is okay, I prefer that the women I read about to grow and deal with the situation at hand. I kept waiting for Nina to do this and the two times she did I got excited. And then her lack of confidence kicked in again and it was more self-doubt, self-pity, and fear.

I wasn’t so fond of Connor either. Connor is Nina’s oldest son.  He definitely had the teenager attitude going for him.  But I think what bugged me about him was Nina’s interactions with him. Nina had this whole “why does my teenager hate me?” thing going on and I wanted to yell “Because he’s a teenager! He’s supposed to hate you. He’s trying to find out who he is as a person.”

The (not so subtle) commentary on class. Nina grew up poor so was happy to give Finn (her husband) full and complete control of the finances (her name wasn’t even on the deed to the house).  When flashing back to her childhood, it shows her family as being rude (aka blunt) and messy while as an upper-class adult she’s polite (aka doesn’t speak her mind for fear of being offensive) and clean. Nina feels like she doesn’t fit in in either society but doesn’t seem to make any effort to do so, just feels left out.

What other reviews say:

Some say that this book is disappointing. Others say that the last few chapters (and also Nina’s sister) are what makes this book good (or tolerable). There are also several that say it’s a fantastic, heart-felt, heart-warming and emotional read.

Decide for yourself:

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