DNF: FOX (Jessica James #3) by Kelly Oliver

DNF: FOX (Jessica James #3) by Kelly Oliver

FOX (Jessica James #3) by Kelly Oliver

Genre: Medical Thriller

The Premise:

Jessica James wakes up naked behind a dumpster. Then finds another naked girl m, this one dead, behind the sane dumpster to find her belongings. Was she (Jessica) taped? She doesn’t know, doesn’t remember but doesn’t want to go to the ER or police because she’s embarrassed and thinks her peers will think she’s a dumb hick.

Meanwhile her platonic best friend who’s secretly in love with her is breaking into a medical research lab and almost getting caught. Cue weird girl who sneaks into said lab to love on a dog, a racist rent-a-cop and having no sense of foresight.

How Far I Got:



It started off well, hooking you in.

Why I Stopped Reading:

I got bored, didn’t like the characters, and the story was repetitive without moving forward.

What Other Reviewers are Saying:

Reviews are mixed at best with some people saying it was great and others with the same issues as me.

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