Review: Deep by M. Malone and Nana Malone

Review: Deep by M. Malone and Nana Malone

I am the ghost that haunts your dreams. I am a liar, a protector … a killer… I am death.

You think you know my story, but you have no idea. My death was just the beginning. In the years since I escaped the shadow organization that owned me, my vow to protect my family is the only thing keeping me alive.

Until I meet her.

Too bad I need the monster to protect her from the demons of her past.

Too bad she’s not that innocent.

Warning: I know you want the whole story right now. But that’s not how things went down. And I think you know by now that when it comes to ORUS, things don’t always go according to f*cking plan. (Deep is Book 1 of the Deep Duet. The conclusion will come in Book 2, Deeper)

Praise for Deep

“Love a fierce, damaged, sexy-as-hell alpha male determined to protect the woman he loves? Then you’re going to fall hard for Rafe. He and Diana have chemistry in spades.This edge of your seat read will have you flipping fiendishly through the pages and begging for more.”
~ Lili Valente, USA Today Bestselling author

“DEEP is a bite-your-nails, squirm-in-your-seat blend of sex, lies and betrayal! Rafe is the stern, sexy man of my dreams and Diana is a fierce, determined heroine impossible not to root for. Five former hitman stars!”
~ Sierra Simone, USA TODAY bestselling author

“If you love an alpha male and sizzling chemistry, then this book is for you! I couldn’t put it down. I have become a super fan with this book. So hot! Five star read all the way.”
~Alta Hensley, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Another page turner from the Malones. The guys in this agency are hot…The women… strong, sassy, snarky, with a sense of humor…. I’m caught in their web again and can’t wait for more.”
★★★★★ stars from Words Turn Me On

“That moment before you were to take a leap off a cliff, the adrenaline rush you feel… that’s the feeling you get when reading Deep …powerful, gritty, filled with suspense and mystery.”
★★★★ stars from Wit and Wonder Agency

My Review:
Genre: Romance – Suspense, Enemies-to-Lovers
Stand-Alone: No – Part 1 of 2
Part of a Series: Yes – Book 1 of 2 of the Deep Duet. There is also a prequel (In Deep) which I highly recommend in order to get to know Rafe even better. Also part of Blake Security. Each of the guys have their own series. Rafe is the third guy (Noah, Jonas, Rafe)
POV: Rafe/Diana
Steam Level: Toasty

As a general rule I hate cliff-hangers. However, as far as cliff-hangers go this one isn’t too terrible. It stops at a logical stopping point and you know that in book two S**t will get real. I haven’t read Noah’s books yet but I did read Jonas’s books and I found Rafe to be intriguing. I liked getting to know him in Deep and look forward to learning more about him in Deeper. The snark and humor in this book kept me smiling throughout and the intrigue was intense. Diana’s game of cat-and-mouse kept me on the edge of my seat. I cannot wait for Deeper to come out. Luckily we don’t have to wait for long.

I received an advanced copy of this book for free. This is my honest and voluntary review.

(Just a few of my) Favorite Quotes (there were a lot):

  • His inner killer, the part of himself he kept chained up in the dungeon of his brain, started to stretch out. Easy. We don’t do that anymore…. The killer inside him pouted.
  • And this is why we don’t bring a vajayjay to a gunfight.
  • Being a professional bad guy had taken its toll on his psyche, but it had done insane things for his muscle definition.
  • All love was conditional, based on the person being who you thought they were.

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