Review: A Shameless Little Lie by Meli Raine

Review: A Shameless Little Lie by Meli Raine

I did it. I admit it.

I fell in love with Silas. My bodyguard. My protector.

My new informant.

We’re playing a cat-and-mouse game. I’m not sure whether I’m the cat or the mouse, but I can definitely tell I’m in a trap.

A trap with no way out.

I’m not who everyone thought I was. The truth is out there, finally turning the lie about me inside out. I am the shameless little lie. It’s finally been revealed, and now even more people want to kill me.

As a presidential campaign hangs in the balance, a delicate web of international relations and economic stability at risk, power becomes more important than anything else.

Even my life.

Especially my life. I’m a nothing. A no one. Just a tool, remember?

But tools can be used to open locks. Cracking open the truth and exposing it could change the balance of power. Tip the scales. Make a presidential campaign turn on a dime.

Too bad Silas doesn’t believe me when I tell the truth.

And that may make him the biggest tool of all.

A Shameless Little Lie is book two in the Shameless trilogy by USA Today bestselling author Meli Raine

Read the whole series:

Book 1: A Shameless Little CON
Book 2: A Shameless Little LIE
Book 3: A Shameless Little BET

My Review:
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Standalone: No – ends on a cliffhanger
Part of a Series: Yes, Book 2 (of 3) in the Shameless series which takes place after the Harmless series (Which you don’t need to have read (I haven’t, yet) but would probably be even better if you did)
POV: Jane
Steam Level: Rather warm

Holy Bejeebers! I know that this book would end on a cliffhanger and holy moly did it end in one. It’s quite the doozy and I’m glad the A Shameless Little Bet comes out soon. A Shameless Little Lie starts right after A Shameless Little Con ends (also a cliffy but not quite as much as this one). A Shameless Little Lie is a fast-paced, wild ride. No one can be trusted and everyone has something to hide. The tension amps further. Meli Raine’s writing sucks you into the story. You can feel Jane’s emotion from love to despair to terror to comfort. A Shameless Little Lie was quite the emotional rollercoaster. I cannot wait to see what happens in A Shameless Little Bet, and really, really need to read the Harmless series and then reread this one.

I received an advanced copy of this book for free. This is my honest and voluntary review.

(Just a few of my) Favorite Quotes:

  • A sweet kiss can heal, but a hot kiss can transcend.
  • Being in order is never more important than when you’ve been in nothing but disarray.
  • Withdrawal is a defense mechanism. I’m a master at it. You can’t get hurt if you never let people in.
  • A man who is so open and so remorseful is one you can give your dearest possessions to, who will protect and honor them.
  • “It’s hard being famous.” “It’s even harder being infamous.”
  • Prey aren’t supposed to be bold.
  • Madness is a form of self-preservation.
  • He could have killed me in my sleep. He didn’t. Therefore, I trust him. Strange thought pattern in a functional life.
  • Perception is reality for most people.

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