Review: Cheeky Prince by Nana Malone

Review: Cheeky Prince by Nana Malone

What Good is a Throne if the King Isn’t Worthy…

Before I was a King…
Before I was known for my naked hot tub antics…
Before my neighbor turned my world upside down…
I was a Cheeky Prince.


My Review:

Cheeky Prince is an introduction/prequel to the upcoming Royals Undercover series. It’s short – Only four chapters and an exclusive sneak peak of Cheeky Royal. In it you get to meet Sebastian and Penny – see them as kids and as adults. It’s just enough to whet your appetite. I only read the four prequel chapters so I didn’t get sucked into the story. It appears as if this will be a fun story with interesting characters. I can’t wait to read the rest of the Royals Undercover series.

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