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Coming Soon: How Does A Moment Last Forever by Jenna Michaelson

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✮•* 💜Blurb;
This is based on real life events.
It was once said I loved to watch, and you’d be right to believe that, but now, I love to play more.
You probably know all about me, but if you don’t, come closer, and I’ll let you into a secret.
This is my version of events.
I’ll tell you how I truly felt, and how I had to pick up the pieces of our shattered life and find a way to carry on, despite my own broken heart.

✮•* 💜*This a companion book to the ‘I Know What You’re Doing’ series by Zane Michaelson*

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✮• Author Page – https://m.facebook.com/Jenna-Michaelson-Author-352767308553974/
✮• Fan Page (Jenna’s World) – https://www.facebook.com/groups/192831591265270/

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