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Review: Insatiable Bachelor by Ruth Cardello

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A brand new series set in a whole new world.

Dalton: Women are a perk of my lifestyle. I work hard. I deserve to play harder. But I didn’t get on the Forbes List of Rising Entrepreneurs by getting lost in the baggage and disruption that comes with dating. I’ve seen dozens of men fail when they fall in love. Pathetic.

That’s why I chose the Bachelor Tower. It was designed by a genius, my hero: the late, Garry F. Brockton. He created an all-male haven for ambitious men who want to live like kings and play by their own rules. Casino nights, a fully equipped gym and lap pool, cigar and Scotch bar, and a media room with screens the size of the average movie theater. The list is endless. I easily network with men trying to launch their careers or those at the top who want to stay hungry. The best part: the tower attracts women, beautiful women who hang out in the lobby bar and vie for an invite upstairs. Easy, like fishing in a barrel.

Until Brockton dies and Penny Fuller moves into the apartment next to me because the new owner doesn’t share his vision.

Everyone agrees Penny can’t stay. I don’t want to get involved, but she doesn’t understand the lengths my fellow building mates will go to to get her out. She’s not only irresistibly sexy and painfully optimistic, she’s also in real danger.

Siding with her would be career suicide.

Betraying her was never my intention.

My Review:
Genre: Romance – Enemies/Friends-to-Lovers
Standalone: Mostly. Penny and Dalton’s story finishes but the challenges at the Bachelor Tower are still open
Part of a Series: Yes Book 1 of the Bachelor Tower Series
POV: Dalton and Penny
Steam Level: Quite Toasty, but mostly explicit dirty thoughts and innuendo

Insatiable Bachelor was quite fun to read. Once I started it I had a hard time putting it down. I liked how Penny and Dalton’s story is situated within patriarchal politics and flat out defiance. Romance stories between opposites can be hard and must be done well in order to keep the character’s integrity while also leaving them loose enough to change. Ruth Cardello did that well with Penny and Dalton. Both learn from each other and take on beneficial characteristics without losing themselves, their personalities, and their core traits. I cannot wait for the next story in this series. If you like foul-mouthed, cocky bachelors and the women who challenge them then pick up Insatiable Bachelor and enjoy the ride.

I received this book for free. This is my honest and voluntary review.

Favorite Quotes:

  • You’re like the first man who stepped foot on the moon, only instead of conquering hundreds of thousands of miles of space via propulsion, you walked you vagina right through decades of sexism.
  • When worshiping at the alter of MORE, there’s no time to hike up a mountain. No times to comfort an upset friend. No time to sing simply because it feels good.
  • Men, like water, tend to follow the path of least resistance. If it’s there, they’ll at least consider fucking it.
  • I’m not all willy-nilly about whose willy I nilly.
  • Daddy’s money can buy you a lot, but it can’t get you a set of balls. That’s for sure.
  • Some people can ratter on and on an say nothing. Others say very little, but everything they feel in in those few words.
  • “I could fuck you here,” he growls…”I’m pretty sure that’s illegal,” I whisper back

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