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Review: Royal Match by Parker Swift

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“Addictive, sexy and beautifully written.” -Vi Keeland, #1 New York Times bestselling author on Royal Disaster<

What to expect when you’re royally expecting

In five years of marriage to Dylan Hale – the hottest (not to mention most deliciously insatiable) duke in England – I’ve learned one cardinal rule: Never say “no” to the Queen. Her orders? I’m to be the matron of honor at the royal wedding of the century… which is, coincidentally, my due date. Dylan’s plan is to seduce me into an early labor to avoid this royal ruckus. So now I’m caught between the Queen’s command… and my sexy duke’s desire.

The Royal Scandal series:
Royal Affair
Royal Disaster
Royal Treatment

My Review:
Genre: Romance, Royalty
Standalone: Yes but better if you’ve read the rest of the Royal Scandal series
Part of a Series: Royal Match joins Lydia and Dylan five years and almost three kids after the end of Royal Treatment
POV: Lydia
Steam Level: Some sexy time

If you loved the Royal Scandal series like I did then you’re in a treat with Royal Match. In it we join Dylan and Lydia and their growing family fives years after the end of Royal Treatment. Dylan is just as bossy and overprotective. Lydia is just as sassy. And their love life…well two kids, the tail end of pregnancy, and working full time makes it a little more difficult. The sexiness of this book came from the anticipation and some of the giggles from the frustration. Parker Swift’s writing is fun, immersive, and rather realistic even in this fictitious world. I loved catching up with these characters and realized just how much I need the stories of the other couples (Daphne/Nick, Emily/Will, Caroline/Zack). Parker Swift has built this immersive world and it fun to visit, Definitely pick up Royal Match, especially if you liked the Royal Scandal series. I cannot wait to read more of Parker Swift and her writing.

I received an advanced copy of this book for free. This is my honest and voluntary review.

Favorite Quotes:

  • Nothing drove my alpha male husband crazier than not knowing.
  • “You have an appointment at 6am on your calendar in the morning, baby.” “I do? With who?” “With my cock.”
  • There was no way anyone could truly be mad at me, at us, if I had a baby, and therefore couldn’t fulfill my obligation. But it didn’t feel right to bring it one. It didn’t feel right to get out of the wedding.
  • I was also only human. And I was so goddamn horny. Those pregnancy hormones were killer.
  • We found our release together in a perfect moment….But much to his chagrin, it did not put me into labor.
  • “I am depending on you to get the gossip there.” “Nope. Girl code.” “Husband code.”

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