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Review: Conflict by Tessa Teevan

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The Wellington Way. My mother’s favorite motto wasn’t something I bought into, even after watching each of my cousins fall hard and fast for their women.
That all changed the night Alyssa Covington came into my life like a whirlwind, showing me exactly what I’d been missing. It took just one night for her to knock me on my ass, twist me inside out, and fall head over cock.
The morning after? She left without a second glance in her rearview mirror. Fortunately for me, her sister’s marrying my cousin, and there’s no way she can escape me now.
The only problem?
She wants nothing to do with me.
Little does Alyssa know, I never give up, even if I have to fight dirty.
My sister told me there was nothing like loving a Wellington. I didn’t buy it.
Until I found out that stranger I gave my virginity to? Shane Wellington.
He’s the antithesis of my dream man, yet it took just one night for me to become addicted. Unfortunately for us, that perfect night led to a disastrous morning after and I did what I do best. I ran, fooling myself by thinking I could quickly get him out of my system.
When circumstances throw us together again, I can’t forget the time we spent together. His piercing blue eyes hold me hostage, and I know the truth.
Shane and I aren’t over. Oh no, we’ve just begun.
The only problem?
It doesn’t matter what I want.
I can have nothing to do with him.

What happens when the perfect one-night stand just isn’t enough?

My Review:
Genre: Romance
Standalone; Yes-ish
Part of a Series: Yes Book 3 of The Wellingtons series
POV: Alyssa and Shane
Steam Level: Toasty Warm

This the first book I’ve read if Tessa Teevan. Conflict is the third book of the series and while I had no issues following the story I felt like I needed/wanted to read the rest first, especially Ali and Branson’s story. But knowing their story didn’t detract from it but I just feel like it would have been more rounded out.

Overall Conflict was quite fun. Alyssa and Shane made me laugh throughout. I truly enjoyed getting to know then and look forward to reading more of Tessa Teevan

I read an advanced copy of this book. This is my honest and voluntary review

Favorite Quotes

  • With the right man and the right foreplay, everything can-an should-feel good.
  • How is it that I’ve never noticed how sexy a growl was until now?
  • Love isn’t on a timeline. Isn’t that kind of the opposite? Love happens when it happens. That’s what makes it so incredible, that each story is unique and special and its own.
  • When a girl runs out of the back of a wine bar to get away from you, a guys should probably take a hint, right? Too bad I’m not that kinda guy.
  • When you get a taste of decadence, one bite is never enough.
  • Folgers got it wrong. The best part of waking up is the woman of your dreams in your arms. Okay, so it doesn’t rhyme, but the sentiment is so much better than their jingle.

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