Review: False Memory by Meli Raine

Review: False Memory by Meli Raine

It all started with the bereavement flowers with my name on them.

Not the best way to wake up, right? I work in a flower shop. I know a funeral arrangement when I see one.

I know a killer when I see one, too. And one is standing in my hospital room right now, straight behind the man who saved my life.

I can’t tell anyone the truth, because that’s the fastest way to really die. So I do the next best thing. I “lose” my memory.

I fake my amnesia.

Pretending not to remember a brutal attempted murder has its perks. The killer is backing down, spending less time around me, loosening the noose.

The less I claim to recall, the more my rescuer, Duff, works to help me “remember.” I hate lying to him.

But he doesn’t understand that my memory is dangerous. To me. And to him.

Fooling everyone isn’t easy. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Except it’s starting to look like I’ve been fooling myself.

In more ways than one.

Read Book 1 in the newest series from USA Today bestselling author Meli Raine.

My Review:
Genre: Romance – Suspense, bodyguard
Standalone: No. Ends on a cliffhanger
Part of a Series: Yes Book 1 of 3 in the False series – follows after the Shameless Series which you don’t need to read but makes it even better if you do
POV: Lily
Steam Level: Minimal

False Memory sucks you in from the start – beginning with Lily in her coma, hearing the wold around her but unable to interact. While this could have be boring, it was actually very engrossing and engaging and serves to get new readers up to date on who and how Lily ended up in her coma. I liked Lily in Jane’s books (Shameless series) and I love her in this book. While recovering she’s feisty, strong and funny. False Memory had many laugh out loud moment, along with Meli Raine’s signature life outlooks/advice.

I cannot wait to read the rest of this series. While I generally hate cliffhangers I went in knowing it would be one. Knowing ahead of time that this is the first book of a trilogy made this a 5 star read.

I received an advanced copy of this book. This is my honest and voluntary review.

Favorite Quotes:

  • The only way to survive is to be real. When people think you’re not real, they behave differently….If they stop thinking you’re real, you might as well be dead.
  • Times is about tracking your movements and experiences through space.
  • Why doesn’t pain have a limit? Someone needs to have a come-to-Jesus moment with God about this.
  • Fooling people into thinking I’m less than I am has turned out to be easy on the outside, corrosive on the inside. My inner structures might wear away drop by drop, acid reaching the core, but all that matters is the outer shell. It’s all anyone really looks at.
  • The victim spends all her time reading the perp, reassuring him, making sure he’s never off balance, never tipped off, never suspicious.
  • “You okay? You went quiet.” “So did you. Doesn’t mean you had a seizure.” “True. I also didn’t get my mastoid bone shattered into my brains like you did.” “I don’t recommend you try it. Not even on a triple-dog dare.”
  • “Quit staring.” “I’m not staring, I’m watching.” “What’s the difference?” “Threat level.”
  • What we want and what’s good for us don’t always overlap.
  • If you control yourself well enough, you can become anyone you want. Even better; you become what everyone else expects. And that is where you are safest. Even if you’re caged.

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