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Review: To Love a Prince by Nana Malone

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The good news is, I’m out of exile and I have the woman I love by my side. And I still have my crown, tarnished though it may be.

The bad news is…all of that is temporary.

There are those that want me as far away from the crown as possible. I still have a killer on my tail who has a more permanent solution in mind. Oh and there’s the small matter of all the secrets I’m keeping from Ariel.

For her I risked it all, but will she wind up paying the price?

Once she knows my secrets. What will she do to protect me and the crown?

What will I be willing to do to protect her?

The answer is: everything.

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My Review:
Title: To Love a Prince
Author: Nana Malone
Format: Ebook
Genre: Romance – suspense, royalty, bodyguard, second chance
Standalone: No – read book 1 first
Part of a Series: Yes book two of the Royal Elite: Prince duet
POV: Mostly Tristan and Ariel
Steam Level: toasty

I love the world that Nana Malone has created in the Winston Isles. I’ve been reading these books since the Royals Undercover duet. While the other duets aren’t necessary to read first, these books get better with each set of duets.

To Love a Prince finishes Ariel and Tristan’s story (but I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of their HEA in additional books). It was gripping and suspenseful. It kept me guessing and oscillating between who could and could not be trusted. Nana Malone knows how to write an engrossing book full of characters that come to life. The more I read by her the more I love her books/writing style.

I received an advanced copy of this book. This is my honest and voluntary review.

Favorite Quotes:

  • “You can’t smile at me like that.” “I’m a prince, or haven’t you heard? I can smile at you however I want.”
  • “Come on. Let’s have a little adventure.” “As someone who has been shot at, run off the road, and almost poisoned, you would think you would have had you fill of adventure. “Maybe, but not really. Come on, let’s go.”
  • “You recognize I’m an athlete and I have incredible stamina?”
  • I wanted to mark her skin. I wanted her to feel the grip I had on her hair and know I was marking her. I didn’t even know what kind of fucked-up wanker caveman shit that was but I didn’t care. She was min, and I wanted her know it to her soul.
  • I had to squelch the urge to run, because inevitably, he would catch me. And let’s be real; I might let him.
  • “I do love being a crusader. Count me in.” “Jesus Christ, you’re as crazy as I am.: :Well, you hacked the guy, so really, who’s the crazy one?”
  • Do you need to know everything about someone to love them?
  • He was sexy as sin when he was pissed.
  • I was going to take my orgasm like a soldier.
  • “C’mon baby. Consent is sexy.”
  • He was going to kill me with sex. But God, what a way to go.
  • Maybe you try and be grateful instead of being a dick.
  • I was in love with her. …I could feel it. She was my soul. And we had lots of time to make up for.

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