Audiobook Review: A Devil of a Date by Andie M. Long

Audiobook Review: A Devil of a Date by Andie M. Long

My best friend made a deal with the Devil…

I now run The Supernatural Dating Agency, a discreet section of Withernsea’s finest matchmaking service. Yeah, I’ll do all the work while Shelley makes babies with her gorgeous vampire husband.
It’s not like I’ve anything better to do anyway. My ex is now a newly-turned vamp struggling to accept he can no longer admire his own reflection, and I don’t care what Ebony ‘sees’, Kim is not about to date a wolf; he has better hair than I do.
Then Lucy Fir, fresh from the gates of guarding Hell, decides she wants me to find her a boyfriend. He’ll need to be a Knight in shining inflammable armour with her temper. Can I find her a date, or is my new career damned before it’s even started?

Welcome to Withernsea and the Supernatural Dating Agency, for readers of Michelle Rowen, Gerry Bartlett and Michele Bardsley who like their humour to have bite.

Buy A Devil of a Date if you like your romance…HOT.

My Review:
Title: A Devil of a Date
Author: Andie M. Long
Format: Audio
Narrator: Angela Doll
Genre: Romance – Paranormal (Vampires, Demons, Werewolves, Pixies, Angels, Ghosts and more), Comedy
Standalone: Mostly – This is Lucy’s HEA
Part of a Series: Book 2 of the Supernatural Dating Agency
POV: Kim and Lucy
Steam Level: Not much

A Devil of a Date is the second book in the Supernatural Dating Agency. While not necessary to read the first book The Vampire Wants a Wife I recommend it. A Devil of a Date features the same characters but a different POV and love interests. The humor is subtle but with big results. This is such a fun series and a great second book. I look forward to reading/listening to more in the series.

I received this book for free. This is my honest and voluntary review.

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