Review: Marry Me by Samantha Lind

Review: Marry Me by Samantha Lind

What do you do when you receive a wedding invitation from the one girl you always thought you would marry?

Sam- Lauren and her twin brother were my best friends growing up. She captured my heart from the moment I first saw her dancing through the sprinkler. I always kept my feelings hidden though, standing back as she dated other guys, afraid to cross that line and risk losing her. I even went out with a few girls myself, but no one ever measured up.
Then that dreaded day arrived, and I knew I’d lost her forever.

Lauren- Sam was always my constant. My rock. My best friend. That feeling, the one I only got around him, had never been matched by another man. But Sam never showed me he felt anything more for me than friendship, so I moved on…
Now, standing at the end of the aisle, ready to walk to my forever, my mind spins with what-ifs. Do I keep moving forward, knowing a man who loves me is at the end? Or do I risk it all, for the one man I’ve always wanted, and hope he wants me in return.

My Review:
Title: Marry Me
Author: Samantha Lind
Format: ebook
Genre: Romance – Friends to lovers, brother’s best friend
Standalone: yes
Part of a Series: yes Book one of the Lyrics & Love series
POV: Sam and Lauren

Marry Me was a quick read by Samantha Lind. Written in her style of adults, being adults and communicating with each other like adults Marry Me had very little angst once Sam and Lauren decided to give their relationship a chance. I liked the memories of their past that helped cement their future. Samantha Lind’s books are a breath of fresh air, free from needless drama but also engaging enough to root for the couples. Sam and Lauren are a fabulous couple and I can’t wait to see what’s next in this new series.

I received a copy of this book for free. This is my honest and voluntary review

Favorite Quotes:

  • As much fun as we had back then, I wouldn’t go back and change it. I truly believe that what we’ve been through helps pave the way to where we are today. Even the heartache and pain that we’ve endured is important to our journeys.
  • Kissing her is like my drug, and I’m now an addict, looking for my next hit.
  • Nice thing about falling in love with your best friend, it just feels right.

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