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Audiobook Review: Allies and Enemies: Rogues by Amy J. Murphy

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Fate can hold a grudge.

For fugitives of the Regime, Sela Tyron and Jon Veradin, the evidence is undeniable. Their escape into the Reaches meant a chance at a new life together without looking over their shoulders. However, in this savage, hardscrabble region, the pair quickly find themselves targeted by scheming alien gangsters and cybernetically-enhanced Guild agents. What else could go wrong?

She was supposed to be dead. That was the plan anyway.

When a mysterious young woman with strange abilities wakes up as a prisoner of vicious Zenti pirates, a miraculous resurrection is the least of her concerns. Facing a host of new dangers, she needs to escape and find her brother. Can she trust a self-confessed spy to help or does he have an agenda of his own?

If you love gritty, epic space opera like The Expanse or Firefly, this second book in the Allies and Enemies series is meant for you.

Suit up. Time to join the fight.

My Review:
Title: Allies and Enemies: Rogue
Author: Amy J. Murphy
Format: audio
Narrator: Erin Bateman
Genre: SciFi, space opera, military, action, adventure, suspense
Standalone: nope
Part of a Series: Book 2 of the Allies and Enemies series
POV: Multiple
Steam Level: some innuendo but nothing explicit

Allies and Enemies: Rogue is book 2 in the Allies and Enemies series. While reading the first book would be preferable, it’s not really necessary- you could easily follow along without being too lost. However, the cliffhanger at the end of Rogue is insane!!!! Told from multiple POVs the story converges and explodes. The action and adventure throughout keeps you guessing and gripping onto the edge of your seat. Amy J, Murphy has created an epic world where everything and nothing is as it seems. You dint know who to trust and who will turn on you. Fantastic story!

I received this audiobook for free from StoryOrigin. This is my honest and voluntary review.

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