Audiobook Review: Craving by Hanleigh Bradley

Audiobook Review: Craving by Hanleigh Bradley

CRAVING. His was my blood. Mine was his touch.

Farah’s life is over in this PNR Novelette from International Bestselling Author, Hanleigh Bradley.

I’ve tasted your blood. I’ll never forget it. I’ll always crave it.

I’ll reintroduce you to the world you think you know. I’ll show you everything and relish in you completely.

When I’m done, I’ll either kill you or change you. That will depend on whether or not I still desire you.

Something tells me, I’ll always crave you.

CRAVING is the second book in The Elite, a Dark PNR Vampire Romance Series.

Death has never been so tempting. No one ever cares that they’re dying, when it feels this good to die.

“I loved Everette. He is world weary but surprisingly enough he has a shadow of a heart that seems to beat while with Farah.”

My Review:
Title: Craving
Author: Hanleigh Bradley
Format: Audio
Narrator: Debbie Soelter
Genre: Paranormal romance (vampire), suspense
Standalone: no
Part of a Series: book 2 of The Elite
POV: Everette, Farah
Steam Level: warm

I truly thought that The Elite was a duet but it is not. Craving is a super short (only an hour and a half long) novella with a plodding pace, steadily moving forward while building up the anticipation. Once again Debbie Soelter does a fabulous job narrating this story, going slow and building the tension. By this point I’m hooked and want to see what happens with Farah and Everette and the mystery that is unfolding.

I received this audiobook for free from StoryOrigin. This is my honest and voluntary review.

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