Audiobook Review: The Axe by Vaughn Ashby

Audiobook Review: The Axe by Vaughn Ashby

Time doesn’t work the way you think it does.

After a successful social justice hack and a sexy night of celebrating, Micah arrives home to a gift left outside his apartment door. An Axe, that when touched causes Micah to lose time and allow other people to use his body. After one of such events, Micah returns to his body, blood covered and holding The Axe, with police knocking on the door. Micah has to use his hacker skills to evade the police and a corporation hell bent on controlling The Axe, all while unraveling the secrets of the gift.

In the woods of western Canada, something is stalking and devouring people. Entire settlements have been abandoned, the residents missing. The people refer to the monsters as Demons. Mehall, a demon-hunting nomad, has returned home, leaving a trail of dead Demons behind her. By her hands and her Tomahawk, she continues killing the creatures even as she begins having visions from the future.

The Circle, an oppressive governing religion, is trying to insight an AI genocide while also releasing a plague on the universe to control its people. Life is as normal as it can be for Miko, a social outcast and data broker. While on a routine data delivery gone bad, Miko is chased to the galaxies edge, where she is confronted by a mysterious ship that leads Miko on a mission to stop The Circle itself.

All three lives are more interconnected than they know.

One thing wants them all dead.
The Infection

One thing binds them all together.
The Axe

My Review:
Title: The Axe
Author: Vaughn Ashby
Format: Audio
Narrator: Sarah Sokol
Genre: Horror, Comedy, LGBT, time travel
Standalone: Yes
Part of a Series: Part of the Aurora Wasteland
POV: Mehall, Miko and Micah
Steam Level: Some

The Axe is the second book I’ve read by Vaughn Ashby. The Axe is a smart book with three interconnected characters and from different times. Nothing is as it seems and everything is connected. I like that this book makes you thing and connect dots and I enjoyed the quick glimpse into the other Vaughn Ashby book I’ve read.

I received this audiobook for free from StoryOrigin. This is my honest and voluntary review.

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