Audiobook Review:Virtually Timeless by Casi McLean

Audiobook Review:Virtually Timeless by Casi McLean

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Casi McLean, comesa gripping techno-thriller, part of a multi-author series tied together by an interlocking cast of characters, all centered around the fantastic new promise of high technology and the endless possibilities for crime that technology offers, in a world where getting away with murder can be not only plausible, but easy…if you just know how.

Another gripping thriller from Casi McLean, Virtually Timeless casts a fascinating spin on crime suspense.

When Atlanta-based twins, Sydney and Noah Monaco, mysteriously inherit property eight-hundred miles away, their curiosity prompts them to investigate the bequest.

Noah flies to Connecticut to check out the estate and stumbles upon a confused woman wandering through the forest. His medical instincts kick-in, but helping her spirals him into the crosshairs of dangerous criminals out for revenge.

When he fails to connect at the specified time, Sydney’s private-eye impulse slides into gear. She finds her brother, but the search exposes a hidden chamber, an ancient artifact, and a decade-old crime, thrusting them down a rabbit-hole of mayhem, medical mystery, and murder.

To solve the case, characters from other volumes of this high-tech series come in to lend a hand. In order to get answers before the villains catch up to them, the twins must use cutting-edge technology to unravel the mysteries before the murderers strike again.

★★★★★ “So many twists and subplots pepper this suspense thriller, but they all come together into a tapestry of amazing imagination and powerful writing! Casi McLean has pulled off another genre bending tale that will draw readers in like bees to honey!”

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My Review
Title: Virtually Timeless
Author: Casi McLeas
Format: Audio
Narrator: Rich Miller
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Amnesia, Medical
Standalone: Yes, mostly The very end of the epilogue opens up a new mystery
Part of a Series: Book 5 of High-Tech Crime Solvers
POV: Sydney and Noah (mostly)
Steam Level: None

I love me a good mystery. In Virtually Timeless, Casi McLean weaves together several different mysteries seamlessly. Had the epilogue not opened up another mystery I would have given it 5 stars, rather than 4.5. I liked the hint of romance the Casi McLean adds but love that Virtually Timeless focuses on the mysteries within. I love the unique POV. Overall, if you’re looking for a clean mystery and keeps you guessing then check out Virtually Timeless. Casi McLean is a master storyteller.

I received this audiobook for free from StoryOrigin. This is my honest and voluntary review.

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