Audiobook Review: The Billionaire’s Triplets “Fake Fiance” by Mia Caldwell

Audiobook Review: The Billionaire’s Triplets “Fake Fiance” by Mia Caldwell


Hailey Bishop was used low expectations, accepting whatever the world’s tides sent her way. She had a boyfriend, a best-friend, and a degree in Library Sciences, although no job yet. If Brian ever proposed, she’d probably say yes. Then Hailey got the ‘letter,’ unexpectedly, from a sister at the orphanage she’d grown up in. It revealed the name of her birth mother. It took Hailey only few Google searches to find Annabel Edwards who was semi-famous and living in Spain. Hailey not only had a mother, but two sisters who each had triplets. More than anything in the world, Hailey longed to know her mother and the rest of her new family, but she knew better than to think they’d want to know her.

It was just going to be her sad, little secret, until the day Hailey came home and found Brian screwing his assistant. The next thing she knew, Hailey was in Spain, credit card maxed out for the one-way trip, determined to introduce herself to her mother and sisters, come what may.

Billionaire, Alexander Foxworth was in Spain, attempting to do damage control after his employee Emilio embezzled untold millions from Alexander’s company and then disappeared. Alexander had expected a meeting with the Torres Group. Alexander hoped to secure the contract for the lucrative castle restoration project in Scotland, which would more than address Foxworth Enterprises current cash flow crisis.
But, the meeting didn’t happen, because, Julio Torres apparently wasn’t interested in doing business with Alexander because his scandalous playboy reputation was too much for a dedicated family man Torres. His contact suggested that Alexander’s reputation would be greatly improved if he would settle down and get married and while it was the farthest thing from Alexander’s mind, it did give him an idea.


She was the beautiful, different, an American tourist still getting over jet-lag who he’d seduced the night before on her first day in Spain. She’d be perfect for the job. If he could find her.

My Review:
Title: The Billionaire’s Triplets “Fake Fiance”
Author: Mia Caldwell
Format: Audio
Narrator: Meghan Kelly
Genre: Romance – Fake Fiance, BWWM, Billionaire, international
Standalone: Yes
Part of a Series: Yes Book three of The Billionaire’s Triplets series
POV: Hailey and Alexander
Steam Level: Toasty

The Billionaire’s Triplets “Fake Fiance” is truly a standalone. I haven’t read or listened to either of the first two books and I was able to follow along with no issue. This steamy story is full of emotion, deception and unforgettable characters. Meghan Kelly’s accent for Hailey was a bit strong but I liked how she made it stronger when she was more agitated and less so when not. However it was still a little distracting as times. Overall though, this was a fun listen. I just wish that there was a little more to the epilogue.

I received a copy of this audiobook for free. This is my honest and voluntary review.

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