Audiobook Review: Pep Talks by Ali Dean

Audiobook Review: Pep Talks by Ali Dean

College isn’t all fun and games, and it gets lonely at the top. Thankfully, I have Pepper. She is the last person I would ever dream of hurting, but when I realize she has the power to break my heart, I do the only thing I know. I push her away like I did back in high school, back when I thought she was better off without me. One thing’s becoming clear, I’m not better off without her. I need her. What have I done?

I thought everything would fall into place when I started college, instead everything is falling apart. Uncertain of my coach’s expectations or my place amongst new cross country teammates, I’m struggling to redefine my running goals and prove myself. My steady relationship with Jace should be a source of comfort, but his unexplained behavior throws everything between us off track. Running may be the only way to help me get through it, but I’m not running away, not from this new team or from Jace. This freshman is headed for the finish line, and nothing is standing in my way.

My Review
Title: Pep Talks
Author: Ali Dean
Format: Audio
Narrator: Stacey Glemboski
Genre: YA/NA, Sports (Running)
Standalone: Nope
Part of a Series: Book 4 (of 6) of the Pepper Jones series
POV: Pepper and some Jace
Steam Level: Not much/Fade to Black

Holy Shitake Mushrooms! Pep Talks got real! We join Pepper, now in her first year at college. Pepper and Jace go through their ups and downs . Pepper makes new friends but we revisit some old ones as well. Pep Talks keeps you rooting for Pepper and Jace, gets you angry at decisions made and breaks your heart at times. I’m really glad to have the next/final book in the Pepper Jones series and the cliffhanger is a doozy.

I received this audiobook from Audiobook Obsessions. This is my honest and voluntary review.

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