Review: Love Lock by S.M. West

Review: Love Lock by S.M. West

I’m screwed.
Drew Hayes just showed up on my doorstep.
My best friend’s older brother. The love of my life. My ex.
He dumped me five years ago.
I moved on. Got married.
But when I tell him to leave, he does the opposite.
He storms into my life.
Tears down my walls.
Demands the one thing I won’t ever give him again.
My love.
He’s my past.
Yet every time I look into his eyes, I see my future.

*Contains sensitive topics that may upset or offend readers, especially those who have previously experienced domestic abuse.*

My Review:
Title: Love Lock
Author: S.M. West
Format: ebook
Genre: Romance-second chance, beat friend’s sister, brother’s best friend
Standalone: Read book 1, Love Block, first
Part of a Series: book 2 in the Love Lock series
POV: Pippa and Drew
Steam Level: slow burn to toasty

Love Lock starts five years after Love Block ends and boy have things changed with Drew and Pippa. This emotional story kept me engrossed and engage,. rooting for and hurting with Pippa and Drew. Love Lock was a great end to this duet!

I received this book for free. This is my honest and voluntary review.

Favorite Quotes:

  • We live in a world with countless unknown threats waiting every corner, but we can’t let them paralyze us.
  • “Anyone who isn’t you is wrong for me”
  • Kissing Drew is as natural as breathing and a thrilling as a roller coaster ride. We kiss like we can’t stop. Like we never want to stop. We kiss like there is no tomorrow and even if there is a tomorrow, we don’t care.
  • Our memories can be wild and illusive, playing tricks on the mind and the heart.
  • “Loving someone isn’t safe or pointless or even a guarantee. That’s what makes it all the more special. It’s something we leave to work at every day. You’ll make mistakes. We all do.”
  • It’s easy to save a lot of money when you aren’t really living.
  • You’re the most important thing in my life. Without you, nothing else matters.

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