Cocky Prick

Cocky Prick


I end lives and break hearts. I never gave a damn until I met her.

I’ve always been a bad man. And I don’t give a damn about that.

If a man finds me in his shadow, he better say his prayers. If a woman is lucky enough to find herself in my bed, she better hold on tight for the hottest night of her life. She won’t get another one.

I had no desire to change. Until the day she walked into the bar.

Caitlyn O’Connor was just another client. But one look at her luscious curves, and I knew I had to have her. I wanted to see those plump, soft lips moaning my name as I took her like I knew she needed.

One touch was all it took. And for once, I wanted more.

She’s got a psycho ex-husband after her, and a kid stuck in the middle of it. With nowhere to run, I’ll be the man she needs me to be. I’m cocked and ready to shoot.

But there’s a problem; her ex wears a badge. I lay a finger on him, and we’ll have the entire NYPD up our asses.

But I’ve sworn to protect her and I don’t break my word. I’ll kill anyone who tries to hurt her.

I’m addicted to her touch and I’m not letting go.

My Review:
Genre: Romance – mafia
Stand-alone: Yes
Part of a series: Yes. Book two but not necessary to read book one – just fun when characters from book one make a cameo
POV: Dual – alternating every chapter between Rocco and Caitlin
Steam level: Cold shower may be needed
Rating: 5/5
Excellent story   Well done with an especially tricky topic.  Once I started Cocky Prick I had a hard time putting it down   Tessa Thorne writes a gripping tail of Caitlin trying to escape her abusive ex and protect her son. Thorne does a tremendous  job portraying the desperation and lengths that a mother will go to to protect her child. I love that Thorne flips roles and makes the reader wonder who you can trust.
Rocco kills people for a living but he also has a heart of gold.  Rocco looks out for the people he cares about. Is he helping Caitlin because of his past, the money or some other reason? I love that we get to see all sides of Rocco from assassin for the mob to caring older brother and son.
Often violent and terrifying this book is not for the faint of heart and could trigger some people but it’s so worth it.  I received this book for free from the author and am voluntarily giving my honest opinion.

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