Texas Rose Always

Texas Rose Always

Justus Jacobi loves three things: her seven-year-old son, landscape design, and the man she sees only once a year. For the past twelve years, they’ve spent a surreal week together, but Justus has never considered their relationship anything but a dream—especially since they’ve never exchanged their real names. But when Justus comes to the Texas Rose Ranch to work, fantasy becomes reality fast…

Houston “Rowdy” Rose is an award-winning vintner, the second son in the Texas Rose Ranch dynasty…and the keeper of a secret that, if discovered, would make him an outsider in his own family. If they knew where he went the first week of every September, it would throw into question his reputation—reserved, cautious—revealing an unbridled artistic side he’d rather keep hidden.

But that side of Rowdy is all Justus knows—until now. As they rekindle their passionate relationship in the real world, they learn what their lives look like outside of a once-a-year romance—and whether love can survive a reality check.

My Review:
Genre: Romance – Western, cowboy, comedy
Stand-alone: Yes
Part of a Series: Yes Book 2 of the Texas Rose Ranch Series – while not necessary to read book 1 prior to book 2 reading book 1 first gives readers little giggles throughout
Steam level: Warm in parts, mostly story. The steam just adds to the love between the characters
POV: Dual – JusTus and Rowdy
Rating: 5/5
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. While not as funny as the first, there are plenty of scenes that made me laugh out loud – especially since I read Texas Rose Forever first (yellow M&M’s and glittered eye patches lol). Rowdy is the more serious of the Rose brothers so it makes sense that this book is more serious than the first. In it he (and Justus) meet in their real lives and have to come to grips of who they are in “reality” versus how they know each other at Burning Man. Both push each others limits and learn to love each other outside the Playa. While some aspects of the book are a little too easily snapped together, it is, for the most part very enjoyable and somewhat realistic. Emotions are explored and pitted against logic often fighting for dominance.
The secondary characters are great and ring true from the first book. I still love Lefty and his no-nonsense, protective side that is also a joker to watch out for. Graykowski does an excellent job in showing the love amongst the characters. I liked the epilogue (I missed that for book one but loved seeing more of Cinco and CanDee). I can’t wait for the next book in this series.
If you love fun romances that are light-hearted but deal with real life issues in an honest, thought-provoking way then you’ll love this book and series.
I received this book free from the publisher/author via NetGalley. I voluntarily am giving my honest review.

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