100 Reviews!

100 Reviews!

Wow! With 2 in the Pink I now have 100 reviews on this blog.  100 reviews! Talk about exciting.  Since I’ve started leaving reviews for (almost) every book I read (I try not to leave negative reviews and definitely do not leave reviews for books I don’t finish) I can tell that my reviews have gotten better and more descriptive and I am better able to express my thoughts and opinions on the books I’m reviewing.

Looking back my very first review on Amazon was literally two lines (yes two). Click here if you want to see it.  My second one was a bit longer but it was Out of Turn, my favorite book in Tiffany Snow’s Kathleen Turner Series. On a side note – I’ve been craving a Kathleen, Kade and Blane fix and wanting to reread, again.  Be on the look out for these updated reviews once I get through my growing pile of ARCs.

The first book I reviewed in the ARC game was Revealed to Him by Jen Frederick and that review was a little longer weighing in at a total of three lines. lol Click Here if you want to see this review. The next book in this series is coming out soon so I may reread this series as well. Be on the look out for these as well.

Now at 100 + reviews I feel like my reviews are longer (duh) and better executed.  I’ve come up with a system that suits me and also what I look for in reviews.  Mainly does it have a cliff-hangers since I HATE CLIFFHANGERS.  And, exclusive to this site, I’ve started adding a quote that stands out to me, if I find one that strikes me while reading.  Is there anything missing that you’d like to see in my reviews?  Anything you look for in a review? Feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you like or dislike about not only my reviews but also the layout/format of my site in general.  I look forward to hearing from you. And thank you for being part of my review journey. It’s been fun and I look forward to continuing with you.  Look for more reviews and author pages coming soon.

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