Audiobook Review: Warrant by Kathy Coopmans

Audiobook Review: Warrant by Kathy Coopmans

Every wrongdoing warrants a consequence. In my case, I’ve decided to settle the score with death.
Especially when, what brought this on, what stirred up my crazy, was the vicious attack on an innocent young girl.
Worse, one that ended in her death.
Years, I’ve been plotting to take out the men I used to call my brothers.
The men who double-crossed me by brutally murdering my sister.
I want revenge. I need it. Crave it. It’s in my blood.
I planned to stop at nothing. No matter, if I conflicted pain on another woman.
After all, it was her brother who killed my sister. I figured, why not make him suffer the same way I have.
One tiny glimpse of her changes everything.
Or does it?
Maybe, just maybe, the little siren I wanted to harm is going to single-handedly slaughter me instead.
Lies. Deceit.
Gotta love a tangled web of warranted deception.
* Author note. This book does contain triggers. Please be advised.
A warranted HEA guaranteed.

My Review:
Title: Warrant
Author: Kathy Coopmans
Format: Audio
Narrator: Sarah Puckett
Genre: Romance – Dark, assassin
Standalone: Yes
Part of a Series: Book 2 of the Vindicators series
POV: Chaz and Jillian
Steam Level: Hot

Dark and gritty, Warrant is not for the faint of heart. Set in the violent world of sexual assault and human trafficking Jillian and Chaz find each other in the darkness and into the light. Revenge and retribution is the name of the game and I loved seeing both sides of Chaz. Although not necessary to have read the first book I want to got back and do so in order to get to know the other characters. The more I read of Kathy Coopmans the more impressive her writing skills become as each book is varied yet enthralling.

I received this audiobook for free from Audiobook Obsession. This is my honest and voluntary review.

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