Review: 2 in the Pink by Tabatha Kiss

Review: 2 in the Pink by Tabatha Kiss

My name is Phoebe Pink and I have a problem.

It all began at my high school reunion.
I looked across the gym and there they were.

Max Monahan and Thad Hemsley.
The dynamic duo of Belle Academy.

When they walked up to me and flashed a few smiles, I didn’t know what to think.
They never looked twice at me before. Why would they? I wasn’t exactly one of the pretty girls back then.
The next thing I knew, they took me back to their place and my panties were on the floor.

I thought it was just one night, but…
They still want me. Both of them.
They have no idea about each other but the truth will come out eventually.
They’re best friends. I should do the right thing and choose one.

Then, I think… f*ck it.
They can share. That’s what friends do.

What could possibly go wrong?

2 in the PINK is a shocking and hilarious stand-alone MFM romance between a big, beautiful woman and two alpha men by USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Tabatha Kiss!

My Review:
Genre: Romance – BBW, Menage
Stand-alone: Yes
Part of a Series: Yes
POV: Phoebe, Max and Thad
Steam Level: Hot, hot, hot

Confession time: I’ve never read a menage before – love triangles, yes, menage, no (well, unless you count Laurell K Hamilton – then I have but that doesn’t feel like it counts since it’s multiples, not just three. Hmm…) I decided to give 2 in the Pink I try for two reasons:
1. I absolutely LOVE Tabatha Kiss’s writing.
2. With a name like 2 in the Pink I figured it would be rather cheeky (no pun intended).

I absolutely LOVED 2 in the Pink.  It was funny, sexy, and emotional.  Both the guys were alpha-males but in different ways.  Phoebe was sassy, smart and sweet which, to me, makes the best heroines in romance novels.  She was driven and career-oriented and her assistant Jackie was hilarious and a perfect mix of personality to keep the story light.  I also love, love, love the fact that Tabatha Kiss dealt with some of Phoebe’s negativity/insecurities about herself both verbally and physically and how we see her grow to love and accept herself, to see herself as beautiful as the guys see her.  And the scene near the end with Max and his dad!  Learning to stand up for yourself, knowing/learning who you can truly rely on and learning to love yourself are a huge part of this book that can easily fly under the radar if you don’t stop to think about them.   This made 2 in the Pink more than just a sexy good time but also feel-good book that is both light-hearted and deep-thought provoking (if you choose to do s0).

Once I started Two in the Pink I could hardly put it down.  I whipped through it so fast I was sad to see it end.  This was another great book by Tabatha Kiss!  If you haven’t read her you definitely should give her books a try (she has something for everyone) and if you’re look for a sexy and sweet romance with two hot guys and a feisty BBW with an awesome HEA then pick up 2 in the Pink.  You’ll love it!

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Favorite Quote:
“You can either tiptoe around in the storm or you can cannonball into that fucker and splash around while it’s flooded.” – Jackie

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