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Review: Royal Ruin by Jessica Peterson

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Royal. Ridiculously hot. Totally off limits.

To: Emily@EPDesigns.com
From: HRHKit@PrimrosePalace.org.uk

Emily—Thank you for joining me for dinner tonight. And for agreeing to my proposal, as ludicrous as it is. Desperate times call for fake engagements. At least in my family.

I am attaching the contract we discussed. Our lawyers asked that I highlight the following clauses:

•The engagement shall last ninety days
•Both parties are to appear genuinely in love at all royal appearances
•Beyond required public displays of affection, there shall be no contact of any kind between the parties

The first half of your payment will be deposited into your account upon the signing of this contract. Be sure to note your ring size. We would like to make prompt delivery of the family emerald. The Queen and I thank you in advance for your discretion.

P.S.—Sorry to hear about your divorce. Your ex sounds like a proper knob head.
P.P.S—You looked stunning tonight.

My Review:
Genre: Romance – Fake Fiance, Royal, Second-Chance
Stand-Alone: Yes
Part of a Series: Yes – Book 1 of Flings with Kings
POV: Emily and Kit
Steam Level: Rather warm

Royal Ruin is the first book I’ve read and definitely won’t be the last. It sucked me in from the start. I finished it in two (working) days. I enjoyed the very real second-chance aspect of the fake relationship and especially enjoyed how (or rather wh0 suggested) the fake relationship came about. Kit was both a typical and an atypical hero. I liked his sweet, sensitive side. I also loved that the Queen, was just Grandma (but also the Queen). The Royal Family was portrayed as a typical family, with the arguments and the love, just on a larger, more public scale. Overall, Royal Ruin was a lot of fun and I truly enjoyed it. I’m excited to see the next relationship in Book 2.

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