Review: Strike Force by Beth Rhodes

Review: Strike Force by Beth Rhodes

Hawk Elite Security, a group of dedicated men and women.
Moved by duty and honor.
Dedicated to being courageous in the face of adversity.
Passionate about life.


Descendant of a line of Romanian gypsies, Marie Gabor uses both truth and legend to create a persona that will fool even the most jaded of men. When the family heirloom—the gold armband—is stolen by the long-feuding family from the old country, she’ll do whatever she can to get it back, including work for Hawk Elite Security, the very men who are supposed to be guarding the amulet.

Malcolm Daniels has dealt with lying, cheating women before, so when Marie steps into Hawk Elite to work, he sees right through her façade to the woman with secrets and a sly hand. But the more he works with her, the harder it is to ignore just how much he likes; she thinks outside the box, she faces danger with courage, and—hell—she’s gorgeous. He wants her but doesn’t trust her.

The stakes are raised when her plan to acquire the armband goes awry. Life becomes a commodity paid to the highest bidder. But will Malcolm be willing to pay such a high price?

My Review:
Genre: Romantic Suspense, military, enemies-to-lovers
Standalone: Yes
Part of a Series: Yes – Book 4 of the Hawk Elite Security
POV: Malcolm and Marie
Steam Level: Slow burn

Strike Force has been my favorite of the Hawk Elite Security series. Malcolm has been that quiet, behind the scenes, dependable guy throughout the rest of the series. I loved seeing a glimpse of him and Marie in Strike Zone and getting to know them further in Strike Force. He’s still that quiet, brooding, dependable guy but with a foul mouth and even more loyalty and gadgets. Marie is feisty, sassy, and strong, like all of the heroines in this series. I love that she’s also vulnerable and emotional. And can give Malcolm a piece of her mind. I think that this aspect is what makes this series fun. All the characters are strong. There’s no damsels in distress waiting for their heros to come rescue them. They are a team and even when they get on each other’s nerves they have each other’s back. I truly look forward to more books in this series and would love to see some extended epilogues.

I received a copy of this book for free from the author. This is my honest and voluntary review.

Favorite Quotes:

  • He never would have kissed her if he’d known just how much he was going to like it.
  • Stop, he told himself. Like hell, the demon on his shoulder whispered back.
  • At his worst, he made her so mad she wanted to fuck him. At his best, he aroused her so well she wanted to fuck him. Every time she saw him, she wanted him.
  • She was falling for this man who wanted to keep her in a little box – the thief box, the naughty corner. Not that she minded being in the naughty corner every once in a while.
  • “Don’t let this woman make you a dumbass, Malcolm” (Side note, I love Hawk!)
  • Her sweet Malcolm. Her knight in shining…flannel.

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