Review: Ink & Bone by Skyla Madi

Review: Ink & Bone by Skyla Madi

Amidst the chaos of my life, I’ve realized that not all wars can be won.

I see it now. My stubbornness was peeled away, allowing me to see through my unrealistic desire to take down a powerful criminal empire.

I see it…and it’s too late.

I never could turn my back on family—even when I know I should.

It would have been okay. It should have been okay…but it wasn’t, and now the stain of betrayal is too prominent to ignore.

I blame my brother…

I blame my friend…

…I blame myself.

My Review:
Genre: Romantic suspense, dark romance, crime
Standalone: Nope
Part of a Series: Book 5 (of at least 7) in the New York Crime Kings series
POV: Emily and Jai
Steam Level:…Could be a trigger

In Book 5 of this series Emily is captured and held in Skull’s compound while Jai tries to figure out a way to get her back. This installment is quite short. I read it in a few hours, spread out here and there throughout the day. It’s the darkest book of the series so far and, of course, leaves you hanging. Once again, the writing is very good and the story moves forward but I wonder just how many books are planned for this series.

I received a copy of this book for free (thankfully, I’d be pissed if I bought it). This is my honest and voluntary review.

Favorite Quotes:

  • “You can’t own people.” “The thirty-two billion dollar human trafficking industry would disagree with you.”
  • Confidence is sexy, bit it has an ugly twin and her name is Arrogance.

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