Review: The Hitman’s Dancer by Tabatha Kiss

Review: The Hitman’s Dancer by Tabatha Kiss


It was only supposed to be one night.

One night with me and I’d make her father’s debt to the Zappia crime family a little easier to swallow.
Turns out, swallowing ain’t much of an issue for Lucy Vaughn.

I should never have gotten involved with her. Now, the Zappia family is after her and she’s lost everything. Hell, even Snake Eyes — the deadliest criminal organization on the planet — wants to see her in the ground.

It’s all my fault. A few blissful nights in my bed and her life is ruined.

Lucy wants payback. She wants to watch them burn for what they did to her and I can’t say she’s wrong.
But I won’t let her become a killer.
Not like me.


I was a dancer. The star ballerina of my father’s dance company.
Until one day, Dante Hart came strolling into his office and whisked me off to his place.

The next thing I knew, my entire world burned around me.

The Zappia family took everything from me.
I want to return the favor in blood.

Luckily, I know a man who knows a little something about killing but Dante ain’t interested in teaching me much outside of his bed.

I will have my revenge. With or without him.

Now, where did he hide the keys to these cuffs?

The Hitman’s Dancer is a standalone romantic suspense novel. It contains violence, lots of steam, and is intended for adults only.
This is Book 2 of the Snake Eyes series. While it is not required to read the series in order of release, it is highly recommended to experience the full effect of Snake Eyes!

The Snake Eyes Series: Standalone Romances. Interconnecting Stories. One Unforgettable Adventure.

My Review:
Genre: Romance – mafia, hitman, action, suspense
Stand-alone: Yes
Part of a Series: Yes – Book 2 of the Snake Eyes Series.  At one point part of the plat stems from what happens in book 1 and the character is mentioned as well but it’s explained so that you aren’t lost
POV: Alternating Lucy and Dante
Steam Level: My kindle may have melted a little

This series keeps getting better!  In this book we meet Dante, a hitman for the Russian Mafia, and Lucy, ballerina who’s father Dante was sent to kill.  The plan changes when Dante offers to pay off Lucy’s father debt for one night with Lucy.  The chemistry between Dante and Lucy is explosive! Lucy is the type of heroine I love – independent and mouthy with spunk and grit.  Lucy is constantly challenging Dante who wants to protect her, even if it mean hand-cuffing her to the bed.    This book is a battle of wit and wills.  And, while I figured out the revelation, it was fun seeing the reveal/plot-thickener.  This book was a fun ride that gripped me from the start.

Although book 2 in the Snake Eyes series the characters and story are different.  You don’t need to read book 1 (Bodyguard) to enjoy this one but it does give you some insight to why what happens when if does (correlating to the events at the end of book 1) and you can figure out who characters are that these characters are learning about (none of which are integral to this plot – just a fun hello to readers of Bodyguard.)

Tabatha Kiss a fabulous writer and the more books I read of hers, the more I like her.  I highly recommend picking up (any) of her books.  So far all have been action-packed, fun,gripping and sexy – The Hitman’s Dancer included.  I can’t wait to read the next book in this series!

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