Review: When Stars Burn Out by Carrie Aarons

Review: When Stars Burn Out by Carrie Aarons

Stars die in one of two ways.

So slowly that each layer burning out feels like agony … or suddenly, exploding into a million pieces before the universe even has a grasp of what is happening.

When Paxton Shaw left Demi Rosen without so much as a goodbye, he stole her shine in both manners.

Now, eight years later, he’s trying to pull her back into his orbit. The nation’s most beloved football player, a tight end with a seriously tight end, has finally realized Demi is the one who got away.

But she’s a different woman than the weak girl who used to come running whenever he called in the middle of the night. Strong, successful, her life’s mission being to grant the wishes of children whose flames have all but been extinguished.

And untouchable, as dark and cold as a midnight sky with no moon in sight.

When one special child forces their star-crossed paths to collide, it’s impossible to keep the feelings of their past buried. Paxton had been her Halley’s Comet; the once in a lifetime love that scorched Demi’s heart in the most spectacular of fashions.

She promised herself she would never make that mistake again. But, how can she forget the dreams of love she once had, when Paxton wants to make them come true?

My Review:
Genre: Romance – Second-Chance, Sports (football)
Standalone: Yes
Part of a Series: I don’t think so
POV: Demi and Paxton
Steam Level: Hot, hot, hot

This is the fourth book I’ve read by Carrie Aarons and it is by far my favorite! I love a good second-chance romance and this one ranks up there. When Stars burn Out is a sweet, sexy, and emotional ride. I had difficulties putting it down and had to force myself to stop reading in order to eat, sleep, interact with people. Demi and Pax’s story is beautiful and wasn’t nearly as tear-jerking as it could have been. If you’re looking for a second-chance romance that gives you all the feels (and features sexy football players) then When Stars Burn Out is the book for you.

Favorite Quotes:

  • If you never let anyone in, at least intimately, you never got hurt.
  • The man could win a Lombardi trophy for making out.
  • Paxton Shaw was like an adorable bulldozer. He ran you over to get his way, but he looked damn cute doing it.
  • If Paxton is my weakness, then coffee is my drug.
  • If was kind of morbid, if you thought about it, how death reminded us about the most important things in life.

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