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Review: Wild by M. Malone, Nana Malone

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A steamy friends to lovers romance.

My mission – To have fun in college and for once, break out of my shell. So who do I end up dancing with on my first night clubbing? Cage Ward, the star of all my high school dirty dreams and the only man to ever break my heart.

So much for breaking free.

My goal – To enjoy the single life and stay away from serious relationships. But all it takes is one kiss from a mystery girl on the dance floor and I want to brand her as mine. That is…until I realize the sexy girl with lips to tempt and a body for sin, is my best friend’s little sister. The same girl I promised to keep my hands, lips, and dick away from.

So much for friendship.

Previously published as Bad Intentions. Newly edited and re-released!

My Review:
Genre: Romance – Brother’s Best Friend, Second-Chance
Standalone: Yes
Part of a Series: I don’t don’t think it’s a series, but it does follow Wicked, with Bailey (main character in Wicked) as a secondary character
POV: Talia, Cage
Steam Level: Quite Warm at times

Wild is a quick read that I devoured in a matter of hours. It was funny and emotional. The chemistry between Cage and Talia was volatile. I love that Cage was the mature one, trying to talk out his issues with Talia, who was definitely young. I truly enjoyed Wild but it seemed to end abruptly. The story is complete but would have liked to see more of their HEA, especially them navigating her brother’s reaction to their relationship. Maybe we’ll see this in Wanton?

I received an advanced copy of this book. This is my honest and voluntary review.

Favorite Quote:

  • Something about this girt felt right. Yeah, that’s me, your dick talking.

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