Review: Bodyguard to the Billionaire by Nana Malone

Review: Bodyguard to the Billionaire by Nana Malone

Derrick Arlington is one of the world’s most eligible billionaires. Voted Sexiest Man Alive–two years running.
And I just so happen to look exactly like him. 

It’s never come in handy until I get offered an actual job out of it.

It was supposed to be so simple.

Go to the Winston Isles, stand in as his body double for a few weeks, go back to my life.

But when our carefully constructed plan goes awry and the billionaire goes missing, I have no choice but to take his place and hire a bodyguard. The best in the business: a smart-mouthed, tight-assed, lady bodyguard.

Zia Barnes is the LAST thing I want, even if I need her. She’s determined, smart, and has no idea I’m a total imposter.

Good thing I have no intention on falling for her, or I’d be royally screwed.

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My Review:
Title: Bodyguard to the Billionaire
Author: Nana Malone
Format: ebook
Genre: Romance- Suspense, Bodyguard, military, royalty, billionaire
Standalone: Nope – ends on a cliffhanger
Part of a Series: book 1 of the Royal Elite: Billionaire Duet. The third Royal Elite Duet which is a spin off from the three Royals of Winston Isles Duets (Undercover, Undone and United)
POV: Zia and Theo
Steam Level: Slow burn to toasty

Theo’s an imposter. An imposter set on doing things the right way, the best he can despite the people trying to kidnap him. Zia is assigned to Derrick, aka Theo. The sparks fly with these two smart, independent and witty characters. I love the characters that make up the Winston Isles. Nana Malone has built a world of royalty and intrigue that sucks you in and refuses to let you go. I cannot await for the conclusion to this epic story of love and deception. And truly hope there is more to come.

I received an advanced copy of this book. This is my honest and voluntary review.

Favorite Quotes:

  • “I’m just experiencing empathy”…”I already told you that shit is bad for your health. Just as long as this empathy bullshit doesn’t catch you a case of feelings. I say sleep with him, but you need to kick it like Elsa and conceal, don’t feel.”
  • I was desperate to mess him up, run my hands through his hair and make it stick up.
  • And then she told me that she didn’t know where to buy any fucks. And instant hard-on. What the fuck was wrong with me? The more she argued, the more I wanted her. The more dirty looks she gave me, the more I wanted to make her moan.
  • We all need someone sometimes, Zia.
  • Relationships are tricky. You never know people’s intentions or motivations. You never know what’s real and what you can trust.

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