Audiobook Review: Swipe by Kennedy Ryan

Audiobook Review: Swipe by Kennedy Ryan

For the last two years Miko Riley has mourned her husband, a famous, bestselling novelist. While grieving, she put her heart and libido on ice, but she’s finally thawing. And who better to bring the heat than Adam Stone, the editor who secretly harbored feelings for Miko, but missed his shot years ago?

They’ve always been careful to ignore the connection, the attraction that flared between them. Now that they’re both hot, hungry and single, careful is the last thing they want to be.

They’d rather get burned.

My Review:
Genre: Romance – Friends to lovers
Standalone: Yes
Part of a Series: No
POV: Miko and Adam
Steam Level: Warm

I listened to this book on the Read Me Romance podcast. While I’ve heard of Kennedy Ryan I don’t think I’ve ever read her. Swipe was a fun novella about a woman getting back on her feet after the death of her husband, a writer, and his editor. While short, Swipe was filled with all the feels. You could feel Miko’s loneliness and her conflicting feelings about moving on while still being a famous man’s widow. I adored Adam. His strength and longing but resolve to wait just amped up the tension. Very well written and quite fun to listen to but I forgot the characters right after. I’m writing my review two days after I listened to it and had to look back in the episode description to remember the character’s names. Plot stayed with me though. 🙂

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