Review: Black Tie by Lynn Raye Harris

Review: Black Tie by Lynn Raye Harris

Abducted while on a business trip to Europe, Tallie Grant quickly realizes she’s a commodity to be sold—and there’s no way out. Determined not to surrender to the man who buys her, she’ll soon discover he’s not what he seems.

Mercenary Brett Wheeler has one task: infiltrate a human trafficking operation and get as much information as possible. But when Tallie takes her turn on the auction block, Brett risks his cover to free her—by bidding to win.

Someone watches from the shadows, determined to reclaim his thwarted prize. And when he does, Brett will need all his skills to find sweet Tallie again—before she’s gone forever.

My Review:
Title: Black Tie
Author: Lynn Raye Harris
Format: Ebook
Genre: Romance – Suspense, mercenaries
Standalone: yes
Part of a Series: Book 2 of Black’s Bandits
POV: Mostly Tallie and Brett
Steam Level: Steamy at times

Black Tie is the second book in the Black’s Bandits series. I enjoy getting to know Ian and his guys a little more in these books. Black Tie travels in the seedy underbelly of Europe and was a page-turning, heart-stopping romantic suspense. The more Lynn Raye Harris I read, the more I enjoy her books and writing style. I love how these strong men fall harder for even stronger women.

I received an advanced copy of this book for free. This is my honest and voluntary review.

Favorite Quotes:

  • Other than the fact he wouldn’t let her call home or leave, he seemed quite normal.
  • I didn’t want to be a check mark on the way to success
  • He made her tingle without touching her, he made her tingle. That was some feat right there.
  • Tallie smiles at him, and his heart actually skipped a single beat. Coincidence. Hearts skipped beats. It happened to everyone. It wasn’t mystical or predictive or anything.
  • Sex was good and fun and necessary. But sex with Brett Wheeler was somehow the most wonderful thing she’d ever experienced.

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