Review: Black List by Lynn Raye Harris

Review: Black List by Lynn Raye Harris

Jace Kaiser is a man without a country, without connection. His only loyalty is to the group who saved him, and the man who leads them.
Until her…

The assignment should have been easy. Capture a deadly assassin and take her to HQ. But flawed intel leads to disaster, and Jace abducts a beautiful art appraiser instead. Intrigued by her courage, he’s drawn to her in ways he can’t explain. Dr. Madeline Cole stood up to him, fought for her identity, and never backed down. She’s the kind of woman he could fall for if it wasn’t so dangerous–for her.

Then Maddy is targeted for elimination because she’s the sole person who can identify the mysterious female assassin–and the only thing standing between her and certain death is the sexy mercenary who swears he’ll die before he lets anything happen to her. As the passion between them ignites, it seems clear that keeping Maddy safe has become the most important assignment of Jace’s life.

Even then, protecting her might not be enough–because Jace has secrets that could destroy them both. And someone is determined to unmask them all…

My Review:
Title: Black List
Author: Lynn Raye Harris
Format: Ebook
Genre: Romantic Suspense – Black Ops, Bodyguard
Standalone: Yes
Part of a Series: Yes Book 1 of Black’s Bandits, HOT Heros for Hire: Mercenaries
POV: Mostly Jace and Maddy
Steam Level: Slow Burn to toasty

If you’ve read other Lynn Raye Harris books in the HOT SEAL series then you’ve met Ian Black. In this book, we get to see more of him and his Bandits. There are a few scenes in Ian’s POV and it just makes the reader even more curious about him.
Once I started Black List I was enthralled with the characters and mystery. While I guessed who Calypso was prior to the big reveal, I enjoyed the escalating intensity of the mystery and Maddy and Jace’s relationship. Lynn Raye Harris did a great job in teasing us with (possible) stories to come (I hope). This is definitely a series I’ll continue to enjoy.

Favorite Quotes:

  • He could predict people’s breaking points with a certainty that bordered on psychic. It wasn’t psychic, but he didn’t mind letting them think so. Made him into one scary motherfucker when he needed to be.
  • Hiding in plain sight would be something he’d do if he were an assassin. But he wasn’t.

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