Audiobook Review: Grading Curves by Naima Simone

Audiobook Review: Grading Curves by Naima Simone

I didn’t know him the night I climbed into his chair and under his tattoo machine. I didn’t know him when he taught me about the kind of pleasure I’d only read about in kinky millionaire romances.

I didn’t know that when I walked into my college classroom the next morning the man who’d inked my skin and dirtied my body would be sitting in front of me.

Dean Shaw is my student. My secret. And my downfall if the truth about us comes out.

The problem is, he’s also everything I crave and can’t let go…

My Review:
Title: Grading Curves
Author: Naima Simone
Format: Audio
Narrator: Lacey Laurel and Alex Kydd
Genre: Romance – teacher/student, older woman/younger man, tattoo artist
Standalone: Yes
Part of a Series: I don’t think so
POV: Nikki and Dean
Steam Level: Hot

I listened to this on the Read Me Romance podcast and I want more – more of Dean and Nikki, more of Naima Simone. I’ve heard of Naima Simone but have never read her and I feel like this needs to change ASAP! When I listen to audiobooks I just listen, don’t pull out quotes for my reviews but these two were too good to resist:

My sex clenches so hard I’ll probably be bruised down there.

There’s a difference between fucking someone over and doling out what’s coming to them.

First of all, hello sexy and funny. Also, how smart is this? This book was so smart in dealing with guilt and family drama and being true to yourself. I absolutely loved Learning Curves and if you haven’t listened to Read Me Romance and like all sorts of romance tropes this check out this awesome podcast and listen to new stories from authors you love, try out authors who you’ve heard of but haven’t read yet or discover authors who are new-to-you. Just make sure you have headphones if you’re listening in public.

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