Audiobook Review: Brightness Falls by Vaughn Ashby

Audiobook Review: Brightness Falls by Vaughn Ashby

Brightness Falls isn’t just the name of the TV show that womanizing man-child Andrew Ware has been painstakingly creating for the last couple years, it’s also his hometown. A town that he loves as much as he hates.

By request of no one, Andrew returns home to help his sister separate from her husband, only to become sidetracked by a beautiful woman. A few drinks and few compliments later the woman is dead, killed in a tragic oral sex accident. In which Andrew would have lost his own life if it weren’t for the dapperly dressed, antler-headed, human skeleton named Doug. Who loves Andrew’s work, but escaped The Other Side to warn Andrew of a self-proclaimed god with desires to return to Brightness Falls.

Wow, that is a lot to take in. That above paragraph is jammed packed with a lot of crap. Thou the oral sex accident sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Let’s take the whole thing down a notch. Let’s try it again, please…

With the town’s annual festival, Brightfest, which commemorates the deadly day it’s population collectively walked to the bottom of the lake, only days away, and the threat of an inadvertently bloodthirsty, self-proclaimed god returning to reenact the event, Andrew is sent scrambling to save his sister, friends, lovers, and the town he’s loathed in, before the god is able to complete his predestined experiment to bring his wife back. If Andrew can get out of his own way to unravel the towns dark secrets, as well as his own, maybe he’ll come out of it with a new TV show idea. Oh and save the town.

Well fuck, that wasn’t much better. Still, a lot going on in that paragraph too. Here let me try…

This is the story of a man who loves women, hates his home town, and has to go through a shit ton of shit for both of them. Oh and someone dies during oral sex, can’t leave that out.

Boom nailed it! Best book description ever – Your Wife

The second book in the Aurora Wasteland Literary Universe, which combines Horror, Scifi, and Humor.

My Review:
Title: Brightness Falls
Author: Vaughn Ashby
Format: Audio
Narrator: Joseph P Vernon
Genre: Horror, Dark Comedy, SciFi, Time-Travel
Standalone: Yes
Part of a Series: Part of the Aurora Westeland
POV: Multiple
Steam Level: I wouldn’t say it was sexy, but they’re a bit of sexual content (I mean, hello, read the book description)

I listened to this audiobook the way I listen to all my audiobooks – while doing other things. This is not a book to do that with. It took me a little bit to get into it but once I did it was complete mind f**k.. This book definitely deserves either your full attention or a reread. Taking place across time, multiple stories intersect and weave together in unexpected ways.

Favorite Quote: If you want to save the town alone, you better chain me to a better oven.

I received this audiobook for free from StoryOrigin. This is my honest a voluntary review.

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