Audiobook Review: Tangled Up In You by Lara Ward Cosio

Audiobook Review: Tangled Up In You by Lara Ward Cosio

All he’s ever wanted is music … and her.
All she’s ever wanted is to save him from himself.
Love with a rock star can burn bright … or go up in flames.


It’s been a long couple of years since Sophie has seen Gavin, the magnetic, confident boy she’d known in school. Now, he’s a man. And not just any man. He’s the lead singer of the on-the-cusp-of fame band, Rogue.

The reunion she never thought she’d get is about to happen. Here, backstage at The Palladium in Los Angeles. And she can’t wait to catch up, to revisit the spark they had. Because, surely, a connection like theirs couldn’t have faded away even with their lives moving in different directions … right?


In the years since Sophie broke his heart by leaving Dublin, Gavin has tried to forget her. Tried to focus instead on living it up on tour, savoring every performance, party, and pretty fan.

But when she walks into his band’s backstage after-party, he’s instantly mesmerized by both her stunning beauty and a rush of memories. She’s still the only one who has ever been able to soothe his tortured soul, after all. Nothing can stop them reuniting now … right?

Tangled Up In You is a second-chance rock star romance full of addictive angst. Gavin and Sophie’s epic love story starts here and continues through the now complete Rogue Series.<

My Review:
Title: Tangled Up In You
Author: Lara Ward Cosio
Format: Audio
Narrator: Lee Brophy
Genre: Romance – Rockstar, Second Chance
Standalone: Nope – Ends in a cliffhanger
Part of a Series: Book 1 in the Rogue series
POV: Mostly Sophie, Gavin, Connor
Steam Level: Toasty

Ugh Another cliffhanger! Okay, first I liked Tangled Up In You. It was sweet, heartbreaking, and intriguing. I was sucked in from the start – invested in this second-chance, rockstar romance. Tangled Up in You was well-written and funny. Had this story been complete I would have rated it higher. I’d like to know what happens but am not invested enough to search for it.

I received this audiobook for free. This is my honest and voluntary review.

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