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Audiobook Review: Fake Love by Claire Contreras

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In the twenty-five years I’ve known Cory York, the only thing I didn’t fake with him were my orgasms.

In seventh grade, I faked a stomach flu to stay home and keep him company while he was sick. I ended up with a virus that kept me out of school for an entire week.

In twelfth grade I faked an injury to avoid going to prom by myself. He took pity on me, dumped his original date and escorted me to the dance where the spurned girl dumped an entire pitcher of red punch over my head.

In college, I faked being in a relationship with him to get him out of a bind with a classmate. Most recently, I faked a proposal, an engagement, and wedding date.

Between the ring on my finger and the home cooked meals every night, I fell for him. So I left, because Cory York is a good friend, but a terrible boyfriend. I had to leave before he broke my heart.

We went from best friends to silent strangers. Now that I’m back in town, he wants me to be his plus one for his cousin’s wedding. This time I’ll have to fake not loving him.

** You can listen to this story right now on the Read Me Romance Podcast **

My Review:
Genre: Romance – Friends-to-Lovers, Fake Fiancee, Second-Chance
Standalone: Yes
Part of a Series: I don’t think so
POV: Mostly Evelyn
Steam Level: Toasty

I listened to Fake Love on the Read Me Romance podcast. As a big fan of both the friends-to-lovers and second-chance tropes, Fake Love was fun to listen to. I enjoyed the set up and banter, the push and pull of taking the plunge of declaring your feelings for one another. And, of course, you can’t go wrong with a grandma who knows all and isn’t afraid to tell you. Overall Fake Love by Claire Contreras was quite fun but definitely needs an epilogue.

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