Review: False Start by Meli Raine

Review: False Start by Meli Raine

This isn’t how my life is supposed to end.
Then again, a case of mistaken identity got me here. No one is ever who we think they are. Especially my kidnapper, a man whose entire life is designed to deceive.
Powerful people want my rescuer to die. I’m just a lure. A pawn. An object.
But objects hold meaning. Emotions attach themselves without logic.
Like love.
I now know that Duff will do everything to protect me.
If he gets here in time. And if I can hold on long enough.
Because my body can only handle so much. Pushed to the limits, it’s finally giving out. Giving way.
Giving up.
I know Duff, though.
He never will.

Read the stunning conclusion to USA Today bestselling author Meli Raine’s False series, told from both Lily and Duff’s points of view.

My Review:
Genre: Romance – Suspense
Standalone: No Read books 1 and 2 (False Memory and False Hope) first
Part of a Series: Yes book 3 of 3 in the False series
POV: Lily and Duff
Steam Level: Warm at times

While False Start ends Lily and Duff’s story there is more to come in this unfolding saga Generally I don’t like these stories that drag out but Meli Raine is doing this well with giving us multiple stories inside the larger narrative.

False Start begins right where False Hope ends, dropping you right into the action. Dark and twisted the action in the first half of the book is intense, with the body count rising. The intrigue of the larger story is growing and rather than becoming clearer it just keeps getting murkier. I look forward to reading the next set of books in this series.

I received an advanced copy of this book. This is my honest and voluntary review.

Favorite Quotes:

  • The past always leaks forward.
  • Morality is easy when you have nothing at risk. A moral code that’s never tested is worthless.
  • Being locked in a closet with a dead body is an occupational hazard.

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