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Review: Ask Me Why by Harloe Rae

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“Ask Me Why is a gorgeously-written, angsty book that pucks a great punch to your gut. If you like a jerk with a heart of gold, this is the book for you. Oh, and I dare you not to fall in love with little Ollie!” — LJ Shen, USA Today and Washington Post bestselling author

One deep breath. Two slow blinks. Three hollow beats.
I’m still here.
After three years, that reminder isn’t as necessary. But everyone has their bad days. This is definitely one of them. Until an adorable little boy dashes into my store. His zest for life makes me smile in a way that’s been long lost. Then I meet his father.
Well, confront is more like it.

Brance Stone is volatile.
And can’t be bothered to care.
Not that I want him to. I get frostbite just looking into Brance’s glacial stare. But there’s something undeniable about him.

My misery suddenly craves company. The suffocating numbness lifts whenever Brance is near. That alone should have me running in the opposite direction. Try as I might, there’s no avoiding him. If only I could understand why. As if he’d let me.

I don’t ask. He doesn’t tell. A silent, bitter truce settles between us.
That was our first mistake.
It’s certainly not the last.

My Review:
Title: Ask Me Why
Author: Harloe Rae
Format: E book
Genre: Romance – Enemies-to-Lovers, Single Dad
Standalone: Yes
Part of a Series: I hope so!
POV: Braelyn and Brandt
Steam Level: Slow Burn to Toasty

Ask Me Why has become one of my favorite Harloe Rae books (and I’ve read all of them). Little Ollie steals the show with his smarts, sweetness and energy. The chemistry between Braelyn and Brandt are off the charts hot. The push, pull, snark and sass had me smiling and laughing throughout. The emotions throughout were heart-wrenching at times. Ask Me Why leads you on a potent emotional journey! I’m in love with the three main characters (Braelyn, Brandt, and Ollie) and I loved the side characters (Jordan and Sadie) and really hope we get their story too.

I received an advanced copy of this book. This is my honest and voluntary review. And I’ll definitely be snatching this one up quick. You should too!

Favorite Quotes:

  • Adulting can kiss my ass.
  • Hate or love, he’s bringing your fire back. You haven’t been this…alive in years
  • I’m not drinking wine, Jordy. Cheese isn’t necessary.
  • The beating organ in my chest longs for a connection. I stopped listening to that soulful rhythm long ago.
  • He tastes like peppermint and midnight fantasies. I’m already certain this combination is hightly addictive.
  • Pushing his buttons is and intense shot of adrenaline. Watching the blue fire bulid in his gaze get my blood pumping hotter. He brings me back to life without trying.
  • It’s hard to pull yourself up when everyone shoves you down.
  • The neglected hussy inside of me fluffs her flouncy hair.
  • Life doesn’t come with a manual.
  • Breaking rules is part of the fun.
  • “Pain leaves its mark. Just depends what we do with that. Not sure that shit ever goes away. The string is less intense, but the impact remains.”….”You make it hurt a little less.” “that’s how I fell about you.”
  • You’re my sunlight and rainbows after the rain. Don’t leave me in the dark.
  • Paradise is life with you and Ollie in it.
  • You already know how to make me break. Let’s see if you can put me back together.

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