Review: Breaker by Harloe Rae

Review: Breaker by Harloe Rae

“Grady and Sutton’s love story is one you won’t be able to forget. A childhood crush that turned into so much more. The journey. The angst. The heartache. This is Harloe Rae at her very best!” — LJ Shen, USA Today bestselling author

“Tell me a happy something, Sutton.”

I was only seven the first time Grady Bowen whispered those words to me. Cloaked by the black sky under a blanket of stars, it was easy to get lost. He didn’t have any good memories of his own and needed to borrow mine. I would willingly give him anything.

Being infatuated with that boy was a beautiful curse. What could have been special didn’t get the chance to bloom. He’d never see me as more than his best friend’s kid sister. That was a hard lesson to learn, but not the most difficult.

Grady had always been struggling against the odds. Eventually he quit fighting and let his family’s reputation own him. Try as I might, those influences were beyond my reach.

He didn’t mean to break my heart. Or maybe he did. I shouldn’t have made it so easy for him. Either way, our wrongs against each other carved new lines between us.

I went four years without seeing Grady—each one more painful than the last. That distance did nothing to dull my feelings toward him. But things are different now. Most noticeably is Grady. I barely recognize this man he’s become. And that’s the way he intends to keep it. Not that it really matters.

Grady Bowen stopped being my happy something long ago.

My Review:
Title: Breaker
Author: Harloe Rae
Format: Ebook
Genre: Romance Brother’s best friend
Standalone: yes
Part of a Series: nope
POV: Sutton and Grady
Steam Level: toasty

Sutton has been in love with Grady since she was a little girl. Gruff except around Sutton, Grady exude all the stay-away vibes and is as prickly as a porcupine. Harloe Rae does a fantastic job showing Grady’s softer side, once he stopped fighting his feelings for Sutton. The ups and downs and twists and turns throughout Breaker strengthens the love between Grady and Sutton. I loved this story and all the unexpected events that unfold throughout. The bonus epilogue was even more fabulous for fans of Harloe Rae.

Favorite Quotes:

  • Whoever’s in charge upstairs enjoys challenging me. But Sutton is my gift. The one piece that’s always been right.
  • “For a man who pretends to give zero shits, you sure do well with trying to scare me off. Stop attempting to convince me that this is a bad idea, Gray. I’ll never agree with you.”
  • “When I was a lost little boy, I wanted to hold your hand. As a punk ass kid, I relied on your kindness to survive the cruelty. As a horny teen, I craved the curve of your body against mine. Now I’m a man, and I want every single thing you’re willing to give.”
  • Try as I might, which I really didn’t, there was no resisting.
  • This man stirs up a level of crazy I didn’t believe lived inside of me.
  • Did you hear that? It’s my fantasies knocking.
  • A chance isn’t worth taking if it’s not crazy. There’s no true love without a little heartbreak.
  • You’re all I’ve never had but desperately wanted. Happiness and peace and comfort and anything decent. You’re the only one I’d choose, ever.
  • “I’ll never deserve you, but fighting us is no longer an option.” “It never should have been in the first place,” I argue with a raspy exhale. “Then to the gutter we both go.”
  • That girl hasn’t quit believing in me, no matter how hard I’ve tried to convince her otherwise.
  • “We’re a team, Gray. I’ll never spook from anything so long as you’re by my side. That should go both ways.”
  • “I love you so damn much, Sutt. You’re oxygen in my lungs. The steady beat of my pulse. Sustenance to keep me strong and powerful. I couldn’t survive without you.”
  • Life has taught me some harsh as fuck lessons, Sutt. Reality is unpredictable and fickle and cruel. I want us to live in the stars. You’re my dream. Be my fantasy for always.

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