Review: The Samurai’s Lover by Alix Nichols

Review: The Samurai’s Lover by Alix Nichols

He’s pious. She’s wicked.
He despises her more than he wants her…
…or is it the other way around?

Samurai Iyatt Martenn is a devout man with a history of violence.

His painful past has shaped his present. Iyatt leads an ascetic life of a martial arts teacher and fights his demons as best he can.

Haysi, a belly dancer, is a shameless hedonist if Iyatt ever saw one.

When she isn’t swaying her hips for strangers, she can be found in her shop, inking tattoos on harlots. Worse, she even enjoys their company.

Under normal circumstances, Iyatt would’ve never spoken to a woman like her. But Haysi has a gift—she can talk to spirits. For Iyatt, she channels his deceased fiancée, who asks for their help in a delicate matter.

Forced to work together, Iyatt and Haysi soon find themselves drawn to each other…
resisting their attraction…
yielding to it.

But that doesn’t change what Iyatt thinks of Haysi’s job or her views. He knows he can fight his sinful passion by denying his body.

The question is, can he deny his heart?

THE SAMURAI’S LOVER is Book 4 in a series of connected sci fi romances with a paranormal edge.

My Review:
Romance, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, paranormal
Standalone: Not really – Best if you read the first three books first. However, the love story is complete
Part of a Series: Yes Book 4 of the Keepers of Xereill series
POV: Multiple
Steam Level: Some heat

This fourth installment of the Keepers of Xereill series is the best yet! It’s full of drama and intrigue, humor and emotion, love and courage – in short, what I’ve come to expect from Alix Nichols’ books. The Samurai’s Lover deals with love and loss and moving on and also judgement and looking at yourself to figure out why you’re judging someone. I loved this story. It seemed more mellow, not as intense as the earlier books but it moved the story forward immensely! And OMG the climax was AMAZING!!! Things are coming to a boiling point and I cannot wait to see what happens in the next book.

I received an advance copy of this book. This is my honest and voluntary review.

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