Audiobook Review: The Dashing Widow by Elizabeth Bramwell

Audiobook Review: The Dashing Widow by Elizabeth Bramwell

Abigail Merriweather just wanted to be accepted by the Ton, but when that proved impossible, she set out to scandalise them all instead; especially the stuffy Earl of Gloucester. The man is insufferable, arrogant, and everything that Abby hates about the Ton – except those rare moments when he laughs, and Abby’s heart starts to beat in a most uncomfortable rhythm.

George, Earl of Gloucester, is horrified at the scrapes his sister’s best friend keeps falling into, and the poor light it throws onto his family as a result. She’s impulsive, tempestuous, headstrong and willful; in short, everything that he claims to dislike in a woman. The longer he spends in her company, however, the more he finds that her faults are rather endearing.

AS their mutual respect and admiration grow it becomes increasingly obvious that their worlds are not entirely compatible. Is it possible for them to find a way past their own prejudices – and the interference of their friends and family – and fall in love without creating a scandal?

My Review:
Title: The Dashing Widow
Author: Elizabeth Bramwell
Format: Audio
Narrator: Julia Eve
Genre: Historical (Regency) Romance
Standalone: yes
Part of a Series: Book 1 of the Regency Romp Series
POV: Mostly George and Abigail
Steam Level: Clean

The Dashing Widow was a fun regency romp. The miscommunications throughout were funny and made the story quite enjoyable. I haven’t read a lot of historical Romances and this one was a lot of fun.

I received this audiobook for free from Audiobook Obsession. This is my honest and voluntary review

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